Nail Polish Haul

As I wrote on Tuesday, I bought a ton of new nail polishes just recently. To my surprise, all my orders already came in! So I thought I’d show you guys. Last night, I also ordered a bunch of nail polish practice wheels, so I can find the colors more easily. By now, I have around 80 different colors. That is why I think that some time pretty soon I will be making a post on my entire nail polish collection, which is growing continuously of course.

Here’s what I bought:

E.L.F. nail polish:

Picture 1:

– Moonlight

– Coral

– Cranberry

– Red Velvet

– Fire Coral

Picture 2:

– Neon Trio


– Vampira Polish (black with red glitters)

– Pastel Polish

– Cosmic Polish (black with colored glitters)

– Nude Polish

– Lilac Polish

– Rain Polish (got it for free with my order)

– Koh! (Mediterranean Green from the NEON collection)

China Glaze:

– Yellow Polka Dot Bikini

– Solar Power

– The Ten Man

– Blaze Canary Yellow to Red Robin (this color changes in sunlight)

Would you like to see the rest of my collection? And if you do, do you want a video or would you like to see pictures? Lemme know in the comments!

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