The joy of being a teacher

I just finished up grading about 20 exams. Another 20 or so to go! It’s fun to be a teacher, but the not so fun part is the grading of tests, exams, and papers. It wouldn’t be so bad if you could sit down and take your time doing it, but usually you get all exams of all classes at the same time, due to school logistics and you have 10 days to grade them all. Add the fact that my school decided to make bigger classes last year, due to budget cuts, so that having to grade 2 classes of students equals to at least 40 tests instead of 30. That adds about 2 hours of grading, but it’s not like I actually got those hours to work on it. Grading however can be fun, as students come up with the most ingenious phrases.

Grading also becomes more bearable with tea & cookies!

Here are a few of the gems I have encountered so far:

(Note: the topics of the exam are making a promotional leaflet for War Child and a promotional text for a hotel’s website)

Some of these probably aren’t all that funny if you don’t understand Dutch, but you get the main idea.

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