Mini Sephora Haul

For those of you following me on Twitter will have read that I missed two trains tonight and opted for a stop at Sephora and Starbucks as a result. Sephora now has an offer that you get a 25% discount on all make up and I had spotted a nail polish I wanted to get some time ago.  Then I found these cute ‘surprise’ baggies for only €5, so I decided to get one of those as well.  I also got another nail polish as well as a lipstick pencil. Here’s the overview:

The two nail polishes are Blue Sapphire (a dark blue with large, chunky blue and silver glitters) and Sparkling Nightbird (a black/ dark grey with multi-colored specks of glitter). The lipstick pencil I got is in the color Coral Glow. It actually glides on like a lipstick, so I’m curious to see whether it will work. It’s part of their new line for the Holidays and there’s a few more colors (a pink, a red and a raspberry color). They’re all very smooth, slightly waxy pencils with some shimmer/glitter in it. I also liked the raspberry color, so if I like this one I’ll be going there again next week to get that one as well. Here’s what the pencil looks like & a swatch:


The swatch is not all that clear, but it’s the best I can do right now, as it is late and my lighting sucks. But it’s a orangy/coral colored pencil, not as orange as you might think from the first picture with a shimmer to it. I thought it looked like a really good color for me (corals usually are) and I liked the swatch when I tried it in the store. It’s pretty much opaque which I like. I just have to try it on my lips now.

The baggy I got was filled with 3 small size lip glosses, ideal for throwing in my purse! It featured a red, nude (both are fairly shimmery) and clear lipgloss, so pretty much essential colors when it comes to lip glosses. Here’s the picture:

Again, the lighting sucks, but it’s the best I can do right now!

Q: What’s your last purchase?

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