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I had no clue what to talk about next on this blog, but Taryn told me I could do a blog on what I watch on Youtube and thought it a great idea.Some more nail stuff coming up tomorrow I think and depending on the weather I may or may not be able to blog on Monday! The snow just keeps falling out of the sky. It’s gonna last till at least Tuesday I’ve heard, there is a 50% chance we’ll have a White Christmas for the first time since the 80s! And that’s pretty much the only good thing about all of that snow! But I’m trailing off. Here is what I watch on youtube.

First of all, if you check out my youtube channel you’ll find more links and subscription. I only recently found the ‘favorite’ button on Youtube, or at least started using it, so I don’t have 100s of favorites up, but just the ones I really want to save.

I mostly use youtube to watch interviews about movies (with actors) or I’ll watch artists perform their latest single on some award show, or their latest music video. It’s pretty much how I ended up there. At the time, I only watched BSB stuff, now I mostly watch Robert Pattinson stuff. The guy is too funny. I especially like the two interviews he did on Jay Leno’s The Tonight show. Both times Rob talks about his inability to drive. \My fave Rob Pattinson video is a fan vid though. I usually hate fan videos, but this one is so gorgeous and the song used is amazing too. Watch it below:

Another person whom I admire and of whom I’ve watched tons of videos on youtube by now is Stephen Fry. I really like watching his interviews on technology and language, and just recently I watched his documentary on Manic Depression (he suffers from it himself) as well as an episode where he delves into his family history only to find out that one part of his family was criminal and another part fell victim to the holocaust. Another great documentary he did, and which I’m sure you can find on youtube is his 6 part report of a journey across the USA. My favorite Stephen Fry related thing to watch though is A Bit of Fry and Laurie. A 1980s British comedy series Stephen Fry made with long time friend Hugh Laurie (better known as House nowadays). Watch one of my favorite skits below:

I prefer British comedy over American comedy and I especially love Eddie Izzard. He’s a Brit but does a lot of comedy shows in the US, has or had his own comedy series on US TV and was in several movies (Ocean’s 12 amongst other things). I love his take on this and his description of languages is amazingly funny. It gets me laughing out loud every time. It’s from his show Dressed to Kill and he’s just brilliant in it! It helps if you know a bit of French to understand most of his jokes in this one. My fave skit by him, however, is another language related one. You can tell I like my languages right? The back story to this is that Latin is a complicated language and that the Romans obviously got beaten by Hannibal because they couldn’t talk fast enough to get the warning out. This skit is from his Stripped show and you can watch it below.

My favorite quote: Quod the fuck?! He isn’t actually talking in any language at all, but fuses together French, mangled Latin, German, some Italian and British and American English. It’s brilliant! Especially the joke with the pie/PI: “It’s a jokum”.

Another comedy thing I love to watch on Youtube is a Dutch duo who are actors, singers, and comedians all in one. If you’re Dutch I’m sure you’ve heard of their shows Wakker Dier, Draadstaal and Neonletters, as well as of their band Jurk (means dress). I especially like the skits they did for Draadstaal with my personal favorite being Fred & Ria. In this skit one guy plays Fred, an out of work, beer drinking, know it all who has an opinion about everything and his wife Ria, who is always sitting in the background peeling potatoes and is actually really smart but is always told to shut up by ‘her Freddy’. What makes the skits so funny is that ‘Fred’ is always messing up these idiomatic expressions, so again this is a language related thing. You will only be able to understand this is you’re Dutch though. But apart from comedians, they are also singing in a band called Jurk. Watch the first video for one of their songs below:

They’re not the best singers or anything like that, but I listened to more of their songs and I’m usually totally not into Dutch music, but man! some of their songs are incredible! The lyrics are very catchy and they’re just well-written pop songs.

Lastly, I also like to watch vids of dancers and make up gurus. I especially watch hiphop videos and am again and again amazed by how some people move. I watch make up gurus to get some beauty tips from now and then. My fave guru must be Wayne Goss, who’s a British make up artist and doesn’t seem to be so utterly fake as some of the other people on there. His tips are practical and he seems to be a genuine and honest person, which I like very much. Not to mention that he’s pretty easy on the eyes as well. My fave dance video must be a routine to Telephone. There are millions of these floating around the Net, but here’s my favorite two:

Those are some sick moves right? I can only wish I could dance like that! I’m way too jazzy and all, but hiphop is way more fun to do. So hopefully I one day get some flow and will be able to kill a routine like that!

Q: What are your favorite youtube vids?

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  1. Hmmm, mostly music, old and new. The old stuff is often cheesy or obscure 🙂

    Some examples of “cheesy and obscure” (maybe not so obscure for us Dutch ladies, since the bands are Dutch 70s/80s bands):

    And if you wanna see a very different style of dance, watch the Soul Train:

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