Latest addition to my music collection: I Blame Coco

On Sunday I went to my local record store again to buy a few CDs. I had already come across a stray song by I Blame Coco and loved it, so I was stoked when I found her album The Constant in my store and decided to buy it.

I Blame Coco is an indie pop singer from the UK, whose dad is apparently no other than Sting. That little nugget of info aside, her songs are refreshing and cheerful sounding filled with interesting lyrics and a present yet not annoying synthesizer sound. I haven’t listened to the album closely enough to really do a full blown review yet, but so far I’m loving it. It has a collaboration with Robyn on there, which is actually my least favorite song but oh well.

I actually don’t have that much time to write anything constructive right now, but hey, I didn’t want to keep this great music from you. So here’s me shutting up and letting the music take over. Enjoy the rest of your day!

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