Wish list of the moment

I make wish lists. All the time. There isn’t a month that goes by without my having a wish list. In fact, I keep multiple ones. I always have a few items in my ‘items to watch’ list on Ebay and there’s always a few things that I save in my shopping bag on Amazon, plus I keep one on paper. All I know is that I like to keep lists, check the  availability of things and then eventually buy them. There’s a few items that I have bought in the past that I had in a shopping bag or on a list for months, sometimes even for over a year, until I bought them! Case in point: The Norton Anthology of American Literature (Volumes A – E) and most recently: the J’adore by Dior perfume.

Since I keep so many lists, I thought it would be fun to be sharing some of the items I’m still hoping to buy some time in the not too far away future.

Let’s start with beauty shall we?

Books, CDs &DVDs:


Wow that is so much more then I had expected when I post everything together! Seems like I have plenty of places for my money to go to these next couple of months/ years/ whenever. Ouch!

Post idea inspired by Noelle.

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