My Shoe Collection

I think that by now you all know that I own quite a few pairs of shoes. That is why I decided to make a slide show with all of the pairs that I own. My initial idea was to upload the video and then post some pictures here to give you a quick overview. Unfortunately that did not work out the way I’d hoped. I would simply have too many pictures to post. I’m not a big fan of posts that are littered with pictures, so that’s why I decided to just post the video. It’s less than 5 minutes and I decided to go with a slide show as that would the shortest way of showing you each pair of shoes I own.

There’s heels, boots, sneakers, flats and sandals and flipflops, plus some random footwear stuff like Crocs.

Apologies for the quality of some of the pictures. Lighting was pretty bad by the time I had taken all the pictures and my camera has a hard time picking up on reds.

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