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No, this is not a joke. I am actually posting a blog on Britney Spears songs. Say what you like about Brit Brit. Yes she went bonkers a few years ago but who can blame her? If you go to youtube and see how the paparazzi hunted and haunted her you just feel sorry for the girl. That doesn’t change the fact that I have always liked her music. I blame the inner dancer in me. There is no need to argue: Britney has some of the best dance songs out there. So, she deserves a post.

I am actually pretty excited about her new album. I’m sure there’s some awesome dance tracks on there and when she tours and comes anywhere near Holland I wanna go see it. I already went to London in 2009 to see her Circus tour and I would do it all over again. Who cares she doesn’t sing live? She’s an entertainer. You don’t go to a Britney Spears concert to hear her sing. You go to Britney Spears concert for the spectacle, the dancing, the stage, the tricks, the outfits. In other words: to be entertained.

1.) Toxic:

Possibly my favorite video. No dancing going on, but I love the superwoman/ James Bond type of idea of the video. Plus the song is amazing to dance to. Case in point, this ‘live’ performance that she did to show case the album ‘In The Zone’, which is still my favorite Britney album to date.

2.) Kill the Lights:

Only song from Circus to make the cut. Love the beat and the lyrics are a straight up sneer to all the paparazzi who harassed her. Fun fact: the video concept was written by a fan for a contest on the official Britney website.

3.) Breathe on Me:

There is no video for this song as it was never released as a single. But can you say sexy?! And then people are complaining about If You Seek Amy maybe spelling out something else. Anywayz. This track is also from ‘In the Zone’ and this is not the only sexy song on that album.

4.) Hot as Ice:

Fun track from Black Out. The first album in which she went more into the dance category and started the vocoder/ autotune rage that lead to the building of the career of Ke$ha, is a dominant sound in all Lady Gaga songs and made Christina Aguilera do the same (although without success).

5.) And Then We Kiss:

Britney has a remix album. For real. And it’s really good as far as remix albums go. This track is not on any of her other CDs and I just love it. It’s in the same vibe as Breathe on Me, only slightly less sexy.

It took some time for me to get into her new single Hold it Against Me, but it got me excited nonetheless. Can’t wait for the video to premiere!


And the video is awesome if I may say so! Watch it here:

Q: What is your opinion about Britney Spears? Any favorite songs?

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  1. Noelle Avatar

    You rock for posting this!! I love Britney Spears, mainly because her songs remind me of LA. When in LA, I go out to gay clubs in West Hollywood only, and as you can imagine, whenever a Britney songs comes on, the crowd goes wild and everybody gets their dancing on. Love it! My favorite songs are Kill The Lights, Hold It Against Me, Circus and Gimme More.

  2. Taryn Avatar

    “Hold it against me” has the best elements of Britney, Tiesto and a little bit of Akira Kiteshi in it. What an incredible song. I can only imagine how hot the remixes will be! Thanks for sharing M!

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