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I’m a kid of the 90s and thus I watched the TV series that were around at the time. Since I was just a kid, who knew no English, I was limited to watching the Dutch versions and occasionally English series. It not only made choices more limited, but in the end, it also helped me learn English. I probably can’t remember everything I watched, but there’s a good few. This post idea sparked when I came across some old TV tunes in my play list. Below you will find a list of my favorites incl. youtube clips! I will post the Dutch versions as that would be what I watched (if available). I think that will also give a great laugh for those of you who only know the English versions ๐Ÿ˜‰

De Seend (English: Dynamo Duck)

Every kid loves fluffy animals and that’s what the makers of this series clearly understood: a baby duckling as a secret agent and a guinea big as a boss = winner!

Unfortunately the Dutch versions can’t be found anywhere, but the American ones are floating around youtube still! Hoozah!

I put this in here because just yesterday I remembered watching this a lot and since it’s my latest TV memory so to speak I thought it should be featured.

Rescue Rangers

I loved me some Chip & Dale. We had a ton of the short cartoons on video tapes when I was little and I adored Rescue Rangers.

I actually own 3 of the seasons on DVD and watched a few episodes. It’s hilarious only I don’t understand how on earth I ever understood the fly character who is called Zipper in Dutch.


The only series I remember watching religiously. Ever. This was watched, taped and rewatched until the next episode came along.

I personally love the Dutch theme song much more than the English one. The guy sings the song so much better!

Tik Tak

This was my favorite show when I was very little. It is actually Belgian, but features no talking. Therefore everyone and their mother can understand this. Here’s what an episode sort of looked like:

My favorite part were the sheep you can see at the end of the clip. Sometimes, but not always, there would be a dog amongst the sheep. The dog looked just like My Bobby, just watch the clip until the end and you will see what I mean! That was the added bonus! I also remember being able to do exactly what the girl in the book does aroun 3:00 into the video.

Sesame Street (Dutch: Sesamstraat)

Yes, I watched Sesame Street, but if you’ll watch this video you will see that the version I watched is totally different from the American one. For one, our Big Bird is blue and called Pino. We have our own actors and when I was little there were two additional puppets which are not in the American version (a dog, named Tommie and a mouse named Ieniemienie). By now they have added another one: a pig named plurk. Plurk, Pino, Ienieminie and Tommie represent the age groups of the children watching the programme. Below is the intro the way I remember it.

Pretty bad quality, but it took me ages to find this!

And there are of course tons more:


Pippi Longstocking (Dutch: Pippi Langkous)

De Fabeltjeskrant


De Snorkels (The Snorks I think they were called in English)

Seabert (It takes a while for the song to start about two thirds into the video)

Ovide en z’n Vrienden (Ovide and his gang in English apparently)

Nils Holgerson (Fun fact: If I had been a boy instead of a girl my parents would have named me Nils after this cartoon. They had the theme song taped from television just in case… They still do…)


Pieter Post (E: Postman Pat. I actually watched this in English on BBC and refused to watch the Dutch version after a while)

Paulus de Boskabouter (Way older than me though!)

Darkwing Duck

Gummi Bears






Q: What did you watch when you were little?

3 responses to “TV Series I watched as a kid”

  1. Haha, me and my brother also watched The Adventures of Dynamo Duck. Also, we watched Toon Town and the Mickey Mouse Club. A bit later on I started watching My Little Pony and Rainbow Bright ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I never ever saw Dynamo Duck but it is hilarious! Very well made ๐Ÿ˜€
    Funny that, despite our age difference, we both watched Calimero, Nils Holgersson (one of my favourites!!), Fabeltjeskrant, Barbapapa, Snorkels (favourite too) and Pippi Langkous! (Didn’t you think Tommy and Annika were just like yourself, never allowed to do anything? I did, LOL!)
    I was also a big fan of the Fraggles / Freggels, and when I was very little I watched Wicky de Viking and Maja de Bij (but I don’t remember much). Oh, and Candy Candy! But I dropped out when a prince on a white horse stopped by. I was never an extremely girlish girl, even then ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Last but not least, I watched Tik Tak with my 4 years younger brother every single time, so I remember almost all items of the episode showed here ๐Ÿ˜€ Thx, very funny to see this again ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. I vaguely remember Dr. Snuggles. According to my mom I watched it, but I don’t remember much. And I watched all the other shows you listed.

    I also remember some more shows now:
    – Anamaniacs
    – Tiny Toons
    – Biker Mice from Mars
    – Thunder Cats
    – X-Men
    – Transformers
    – Disney Club
    – Dommel
    – Boes
    – Alfred J. Kwak
    – Samurai Pizza Cats
    – Wizard of Oz (Cartoon)
    – The Smurfs

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