Interesting article: On the uselessness of Itunes

I don’t hate Macs, but they do give me a syncing feeling

This article I found in a retweet by @roughtradeshops and originates from The Guardian. The tweet read as follows:

I happen to totally agree with this article. It exactly states my fear of Iphones, Ipads and Ipods: Itunes. Here are some quotes from the article:

They make you feel good, Apple products. The little touches: the rounded corners, the strokeable screens, the satisfying clunk as you fold the Macbook shut – it’s serene. Untroubled. Like being on Valium.

Until, that is, you try to do something Apple doesn’t want you to do. At which point you realise your shiny chum isn’t on your side. It doesn’t even understand sides. Only Apple: always Apple.

Here’s a familiar, mundane scenario: you’ve got an iPhone with loads of music on it. And you’ve got a laptop with a new album on it. You want to put the new album on your phone. But you can’t hook them up and simply drag-and-drop the files like you could with, ooh, almost any other device. Instead, Apple insists you go through iTunes.


Apple’s “sync” bullshit is a deception, which pretends to be making your life easier, when it’s actually all about wresting control from you. If you could freely transfer any file you wanted onto your gadget, Apple might conceivably lose out on a few molecules of gold. So rather than risk that, they’ll choose – every single time – to restrict your options, without so much as blinking.

Can you say frustrating? I’m not someone with only some music. As you all know, I’m a music junkie and I drag around at least 200 albums and over 5000 songs on my player. I can only imagine the pains I’d have to go through to sync my player with Itunes every single time I want to change something on the device. Not to mention having to relist everything in Itunes so it will go into the right categories.

And yet, when I asked people whether to go for a Blackberry or an Ipod, people still told me to go for an Iphone and that ‘Itunes is just fine, it just takes some getting used to’. Why, is my question, would you want to get used to something that is flawed, makes your life hell (i.e. makes you lose your music) and that is only part of Apple’s Big Brother scheme? I don’t get that, I think that I will be opting for the latest Blackberry over the latest Iphone when my contract comes up for renewal in a few months.

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  1. I think there is a big difference between iPhone and iPod in the first place. iPhone is no good for what it is supposed to be: a phone. I will always stick to my Blackberry. When it comes to iTunes, been using it for years and years and I love it. Never lost any music or had problems syncing files. Everything that’s on my computer, I want on my iPod, so when I delete a file from my iTunes, I want it deleted from my iPod the next time I sync it and that is exactly what it does. When I create a new playlist on my computer, I want it on my iPod and the other way around. Not having iTunes means you have to do everything manually – twice! No got time for that!

    • See, I have too much music to stick on any Ipod. Doesn’t matter which one, so I’m stuck. I never delete music only if I don’t like it, which I decide on immediately after downloading a song. Not all the music that is on my computer would fit so how can I then make it work? As far as I know, it would mean I would have to store everything three times (my music, my back up and my itunes files) plus I would have to recategorize everything as well. Talking about taking up too much time!!

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