Shopping Haul: Primark, H&M & HEMA

Yesterday I posted pics of a new pair of shoes. But there’s more. As planned I went on a shopping spree at Primark, H&M and a few other random places. Here’s what I brought home:

Simple black lace A-line dress. (Primark) Not to sure about the rhine stone detail, but those can be taken off if necessary.

High-waisted black shorts. (H&M) (Sorry bout the pic quality)

Camel chinos (H&M)

Black lace up ankle boots w/ high heel. (Primark) I love the detailing on these.

Black military style ankle boots. (Van Haren) I’m in love with the buckle & wrap around laces.

Knee highs and Overknee socks (Primark)

Tights, cute socks and black over knee socks (H&M, Pieces & HEMA)

Black beret (H&M), tan belt, red belt, black scarf (Primark)

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