Song rip offs: killing two covers with one song

Do you know that feeling? The feeling you get when you find out that a song you love(d) turns out to be a complete rip off? Well I do! When I was 16/ 17 years old Sugababes released the following song to celebrate having a new group member:

I freaking loved this song to pieces. It may not have been Sugababes’ biggest hit, but I actually bought the single. And I never bought singles. I literally have like 15 singles, not counting the BSB ones of course.

Not too long after listening to this song on repeat, I found out that the melody in this song is a sample taken from a Tubeway Army/ Gary Numan song from the late 70s, namely the famous Are Friends Electric (there is a very neat cover of this song by TheDead Weather, ya know Jack White’s band?):

Just the other day however, I found out that not only the melody is a sample (I could live with that part, as it is simply brilliant), but ALSO the lyrics aren’t even written for the song. Nope, they are actually from this 90s gem song by Adina Howard which is also called Freak Like Me:

You see what I mean? How unoriginal can you possibly be as a producer and a group?! Gah! Is the only reaction this deserves.

Q: Are there any songs you love(d) which turned out to be a complete farce?

3 responses to “Song rip offs: killing two covers with one song”

  1. Really surprised that you didn’t know the song was a ripoff. I cannot stand that Sugababes song! Never really liked them anyways.

    Not sure if there is a song that I really liked but didn’t know that it was a cover/ripoff.

  2. You might disagree with me or even be mad I posted this, as I know you’re a Lady Gaga fan, but I swear that “Born This Way” song (especially the chorus) sounds like Madonna’s “Express Yourself”, even if it’s not EXACTLY note for note– it’s close enough. And that rap/speaking part she does sounds like what Madonna did in her song “Vogue”…

    • I agree with you on that! It totally channels Madonna. Have you seen the video? She’s even part vogue-ing for part of the routine! I can’t get over the fact what an amazing pick me up that song is though. It just puts a smile on my face.

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