Review: Max Factor Experience

Another week, another mascara tested. This time it’s a Max Factor mascara. The Experience mascara by Max Factor is the newest one in the range of Max Factor mascaras and therefore I wanted to try it.

Here’s what Max Factor says of the mascara:

For up to 3 x* the volume and a lightweight feel try Xperience Volumising Mascara and let your lashes flutter. This advanced mousse effect mascara lifts lashes giving them a light but gorgeous hit of drama. Your lashes look fuller, thicker and more lifted* without the heavy or stiff feel some traditional mascaras can often leave behind.

I semi liked this mascara. My main problem was the brush. From what I can tell, the brush fibers are rubber, but the brush itself is shaped like a traditional mascara brush. That did not work for me AT ALL. I had the hardest time getting the mascara on my bottom lashes without making a mess. Also trying to get an even amount of mascara on my outer lashes proved to be a challenge.

It certainly lifted and volumized my lashes, but it didn’t add an ounce of definition. It was not as bad as with the Colossal mascara, but it certainly came close to making my lashes look like hairy spider legs. So if they somehow manage to add some more definition into this mascara I think it would be ton times better. This mascara just doesn’t look good on its own. It really needs a layer of defining mascara before you can put this one on. So far, I still like the Maybelline Define-A-Lash the best and I only have one mascara left to test!

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