Vacay is almost over!

Just a bit of an update post on lil old me. Today is the last day of spring break for me, and I was just sitting here thinking of something to blog about when I figured it would be nice to just write something about myself and how I am doing. So here goes.

First of all, spring break has been great! I got tons of things done, which is always a great feeling, but I’m glad that my weekend has been really quiet this time, as some busy times are coming my way. I reorganized my entire room (hence the post on Monday). I threw out 4 trash bags of junk and another 3 bags of clothes and shoes. I shifted around some furniture and reorganized my make up, jewelry, some shoes and my t-shirts. I also went shopping (see Tuesday’s haul post), visited a friend, had a visit from my mom, went to class and got another allergy shot.

After my spell of bronchitis last month, I have now found I am fully recovered and am getting back into going to the gym and my dance classes. So far so good! My combat class was tough though, as I’m terribly out of shape and I had the worst case of muscle pain as a result, but it was good to be back! I also went to yoga again yesterday and I was glad to see that I haven’t lost too much of my flexibility. It’s just muscle strength that I need to gain back. So even if it’s been pretty rough for me to get back to my regular work out, it’s just a great feeling to be getting my life back on track.

I finally got round to reading and finishing Breakfast at Tiffany’s by Truman Capote. I have yet to see that movie, as it’s a classic, but I at least got the book out of the way as well. I just started reading Ian McEwan’s Saturday and I’ve heard that ‘s a great book. I’m sure I’ll blog about it again once I finish that. I also got some cooking done again this week and made a delicious pasta with cream sauce. I also baked some brownies which I then fed to my mom and my friend cuz I wasn’t going to finish all of those myself!

All has been fairly quiet on the music front, as I haven’t been getting myself a lot of new music. I spent most of my spare time watching Youtube videos and reading, so not much going on there. I’m pretty sure I will be back on track with that again soon as well. I’m going to be on trains 5 days a week as of tomorrow so that will surely lead to some more music finds. Or not… as I plan on watching 4 seasons of Mad Men during my train travels. We’ll see!

Like I said at the beginning, busy times are coming my way. Not so much work or school wise, that is pretty much a steady factor there, but also in my personal life. Classes are almost over for my students, (I only have one more week of teaching left) but that does mean tons of grading. Luckily, without any classes to fill my schedule I should have plenty of time to get round to that. I’ll also be doing assessments again, so that will also take up much of my time. School wise, I still have classes to attend on Friday’s, but also some seminars every other week. I haven’t been to a single one just yet, and I really have to get round to doing that, as it will add another 3 credits to my record.

Personally I have a bunch of birthdays and other social gatherings coming up. From now until half way through May I’m pretty much fully booked already, with only one weekend to spare. For instance, next Friday I will go to see Black Keys in concert and I have to work on Saturday morning, followed by a visit to the ‘rents as it’s my mom’s 51st b-day on Friday. Of course that’s all fun stuff and I wouldn’t miss it for the world. I do think though that the rest of March and also April will fly by quickly and in the end it will probably be as if they never even happened.

So yeah, been busy and will remain busy. Oh well, it’s the story of my life! My trip to London/ Edinburgh in May will be here soon enough! And once I come back from those trips I can already start counting down the days till my summer vacation which starts roughly 2 months later! In other words: life’s good.

Q: what have you been up to!

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