It’s that time of year again…

… where I have to watch what I eat and stick to my work out routine more than usual. I’ve been noticing that come spring time I get major cravings for all sweet and bad foods especially chocolate. Giving into these cravings only results in me ballooning ever so slightly (more or less depending on the year). Meaning that I’m skinniest in winter and a little bigger over summer. I would like that to be the other way round, so I’ve decided to take action.


Well, action, not really, but I’ve decided to stick to the plan I already put into motion 2 years ago. If I stick to the plan it works like charm, if I don’t however, I gain about 5 KG (10 lbs) in less than 2 months. Gah. It just sucks to have such a major sweet tooth. I just love all things chocolatety and sweet. After my little breakdown a few years ago, I’ve already developed a less adament sweet tooth and things I used to love, I now hate. So that is very helpful, but only limits me in my choice of bad foods. Bad food is still bad food, so it will still clogg you up no matter what and it will still make you gain weight as well.

Anywho, the plan is to still allow myself to have something sweet once a week, on the weekends, but the rest of the week it’s healthy food. I always bring my own lunch, as cafetarias are only another form of temptation. So I’m going to stick with whatever’s in my lunch box and am going to resit the temptation of train station food places where it’s so easy to grab something on the go.

I will also have to cut down on my Starbucks intake. I tend to prefer the sweet caramel flavored drinks and even though I get them fat and sugar free, it’s still not the best thing to do. So, instead of going every week, I’m gonna go once a month. Dinner wise I should be settled, as I’m not a big fan of take out and I still have plenty of healthy meals in my freezer.

Another part of the plan is to stick to my work out. For some reason spring is always very busy for me and then it becomes harder to stick to going to the gym regularly enough. For instance, this Saturday I won’t be able to go to yoga class, but there’s another class on Monday evening, so I’m going to have to take that one to compensate. On top of that, I still have a ton of dance classes left from when I was sick, so the plan is to start using those up before summer.



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