Hayfever Remedies: some quick tips

Ever since my hayfever became so bad that it actually made me physically sick (read: the flu and sinus infections), I have turned getting any type of relief into an artform. Here’s what I do to stay sane and not let the floral mating season ruin my life. Good luck to everyone going through hell right now and hopefully these tips can ease your discomfort at least somewhat!

1. ) Wear sunglasses/ glasses

Even when the sun isn’t out. Make sure the lenses are big enough to cover your eye area. This way, pollen has a harder time getting into your eyes and cause irritation. Just buy a couple of cool ones that you can wear most of the time. I just recently allowed myself to indulge on another pair of Ray Bans, so I’m all set!

2.) Take a shower before going to bed

This rinses the pollen out of your hair and from your skin. It also cleans up your sinuses, plus now your bed will at least stay pollen free.

3.) Dry your laundry indoors

This way, no pollen can get stuck to your newly washed (and now void of pollen) clothes.

4.) Keep all doors and windows closed as much as possible

Again, you don’t want a pollen infestation in your house. I like to keep at least one place that is ‘safe’.

5.) Rinse your nasal cavity with a saline solution

Or use a nose spray that is a saline solution rather than an actual antihistamine. This will prevent your nasal glands from drying out and become infected.

6.) Wear a different set of clothes every day (or at least change your shirt)

Pretty self explanatory.

7.) With long hair: pull it back into a pony tail or a bun

If you let your hair hang down, it will only be a fishnet for pollen.

8.) Don’t eat foods that can cause a cross-allergy

If you’re allergic to trees, there’s a good chance that you are also allergic to fruit that grows on trees. Apples are the most common, but allergies for kiwi fruits, pears, apricots, peaches etc. are not unheard of. Check with a chart or your doctor to see which cross linked allergies apply to you.

9.) Get enough sleep

If there’s one thing hayfever does, it’s draining you from all your energy. Your body is too busy fighting the allergies, leaving you tired and feeling like something the cat dragged in. Making sure your body gets enough sleep is therefore vital!

10.) Go see a doctor!

Seriously, even if you feel just an itch. Go to your doctor, get tested and find out what you are allergic to. This way you will know exactly what you are allergic to and you will know when to implement the tips written above. On top of that your doctor can get your referred to a doctor specialized in treating allergies and get you prescription meds which are 10,000 times better than over the counter ones.

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