Places I’d Like to Visit

I know, I know. I only just got back, but especially at times like this I think up my list of places I would still like to visit some day in the (near) future. Most of these places have been on my wish list for a while and I don’t know if I’ll ever get to visit all of them, but it’s good to dream about it!

Places in Europe

I’ve lived here all my life and yet I’ve not seen all that much of Europe. As a kid and in my teens, my parents never took me and my brother on ‘standard’ vacations to Spain, France or Italy. We usually stayed home and took day trips and later went on vacation to the UK. Therefore my list contains plenty of countries that most people will have been to already. Since I’m a city girl I would really just want to go to certain cities rather than countries. I just can’t deal with too much nature and small villages!

– Greece (especially Athens)

– Italy (especially: Rome, Milan, Florence, Venice)

– Spain (I really just want to go to Barcelona!)

– Scandanavian countries & Estonia. I have actually had this plan for a while to fly to Talinn (Estonia), move on to Helsinki (Finland) then on to Stockholm (Sweden) to finish the trip in Kopenhagen (Denmark). I think I’d want to visit Norway on a separate occasion. Like I said: it’s a plan which I think would be pretty easy to execute, all I need is time and money to do it. 

Places in the rest of the world

Of course I don’t just want to stick to good old Europe. There are also a few places in the rest of the world I’d like to see:

– Egypt (I was a sucker for Egyptian Mythology when I was a teenager!)

– Japan

– China (I’d actually want to go there and teach English)

– South Africa

– Australia & New Zealand

Real plans

My real plans so far are very limited. The only thing that I have lined up for real is Dublin in August. I’ll be going there for 8 days. Never been there so it should be interesting. Lots of Celtic history and hopefully I can also visit some of the towns near Dublin to see a bit more of Ireland than just the capital.

I’ve already started thinking of where I want to go next year as well. Since I haven’t been to the US since 2009, I’ve decided it’s time to go there again. I definitely want to go to New York City (duh!), but I also want to hit up some towns I haven’t seen yet. Major cities on that list are Boston and Miami. Though Miami in the middle of July/ August may not be that smart weather wise. Therefore I am keeping my options open. I was also thinking of maybe skipping across the border and flying to Toronto to change things up a little bit.

Naturally, there are always places I want to revisit. I would love to go to Chicago again. LA is also high on the list to visit again. And of course I can never get enough of New York City and London so I will definitely be going there again.

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  1. If you go to Barcelona, you should come to Lisbon! It’s a great place to spend the last summer days (usually in september to early october) 😉

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