Song Challenge 12 – A song from a band you hate

I can’t really think of a band I hate. It’s usually music styles I don’t like and when I don’t like something I simply don’t listen to it. That made picking a song quite a feat. However, I manage to find something. Rather than ‘hate’ I would like to introduce you to a band of which I honestly don’t understand the existence: Nickelback.

There are actually two songs by Nickelback that I do like: Burn it to the Ground & Hero. So I can’t claim to hate the band. However all of their other songs? In my opinion? Definitely NOT worth my time. Especially that How You Remind Me song… Can you say generic? Not special? Middle of the Road? Boring? Standard? Uninspiring? Well then… I think this song is the best candidate for a post like this one:

And now you all know why me and my ex boyfriend would NEVER have worked out in the first place. Nickelback was/ is(?) his favorite all time band. 😉

One response to “Song Challenge 12 – A song from a band you hate”

  1. Even though I like one of their songs, they were never a band that sparked my interest. I think most of their songs all kinda sound alike and are nothing special. And yeah, I like the dude’s voice, but it gets kind of boring after hearing it for more than 3 minutes…

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