No Buy June & July!

I’ve decided to cut down on spending money on stuff I buy but which I don’t need. Sounds logical right? Well, I had promised myself to spend less come 2011 and since I’ve been doing sort of okay, but not as well as I had hoped I would be doing with it. That’s why I’ve decided to not spend a single dime on things I don’t need until I go to Dublin on August 2nd.

Yesterday was pay day and so, as of today, after paying all of my bills, I will take my credit card out of my wallet and put it somewhere safe and I will not be buying anything that isn’t broken, empty, gone, or necessary in any other way or form. That means that I won’t be allowed to buy any make up, clothes, CDs, books or anything else that does not fall into the basic needs category.

My plan is to save every dime I don’t spend (and which I would normally spend) and put it into my savings account and keep it there. It should be a fair amount as I have some compensation for daily expenses coming up for my study trip, as well as money from the government for my study grant. Also, if I stop spending money on useless things I will be able to save more money from my wages as well. It will be a win-win situation.

Wish me luck!

Q: Have you ever put yourself on a no buy period? (Either forced, i.e. didn’t have the money, or because you thought you were spending too much?)

4 responses to “No Buy June & July!”

  1. Wow, Good luck!! I did a few no buys and they went just fine. Nice periods of saving and rediscovering new things in my already existing collection. Can’t wait to see how you’re gonna do!

    • I think it is also really important that you have a goal to live towards. Like your trip to Dublin. Good luck, once again 🙂

  2. Not really.. I hardly but to much “stuff” The only thing is food and sometimes magazines. But I can easily go a few months without buying magazines (especially cuz I get “quest” from my dad and won a 1 yr subscription on “quest – psychology” and next to that I don’t have much time to read anyway. If I really have the urge to read, I go study my studybooks, but actually, I don’t have that urge often enough…
    Oh and once in a while a little too many clothes, but I still not have half as much clothes as you have (A)

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