Recipe: Smoothie Frenzy

Summer is here and that means it’s smoothie time! Because the arrival of summer means the arrival of delicious fruits that make great smoothies! Here is my basic smoothie recipe plus some tips for great fruit combinations and how you can change things up for variation, nutrition or fun.


– 1 banana

– 500 ml of non fat yoghurt

– 2 table spoons of honey

– 2 – 3 squirts of lemon juice (this will allow you to keep your smoothie longer as it acts as a preservative)

– any soft, blend-able fruit(s) you like (options & combinations listed below)

– You need a blender for this (duh!)


– Take half a banana, make smaller pieces and chuck it in your blender

– Take half of the other type of fruit you have, make smaller pieces if necessary and chuck it in the blender

– Add one table spoon of honey

– Add half of the yoghurt

– Repeat steps till blender is filled to the brim with yummy goodness

– Add lemon juice

– Blend!

– Pour into a large glass

– And then you get something like this: enjoy!

So what fruit combinations work? Here are my favorites:

Other ways to spice things up:

Q: what’s your favorite smoothie?

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