Which 3 make up items could I use for a month?

Today it’s a short but sweet blog, triggered by Alison. When I asked on Twitter what to blog about, she suggested: If you were to use only 3 make up items for a month, which would they be?

And I found this question very easy to answer. Just to make it a bit more challenging, I really went with specific items. So the items I list below are really the only items I would use and not: this kind of item.

My three items: MAC Bare Study paint pot, Maybelline One by One mascara, NARS Orgasm blush

1.) Mascara

I can’t live without mascara. Even if I don’t feel like wearing any make up at all, I will at least where this. Without mascara my eyes just look too dull. So definitely mascara! My current favorite is the Maybelline One by One mascara.

2.) Eyeshadow

I’m an eyeshadow junky, so this would seem the most difficult to pick right? Well, guess what: this was probably easiest. You know those lazy days when you just don’t feel like doing much of anything, let alone your make up? Well what I do then is just pop on a bit of MAC’s Bare Study paint pot and I’m ready to go! It’s creamy, shiny, doesn’t crease, and you can apply it with your fingers. It’s quick, easy and super pretty!

3.) Blush

I can’t live without blusher. My skin is pretty pale and even though I have rosy cheeks, it’s not enough to make my skin look lively and healthy. Therefore I’ve picked a blush that gives me a healthy glow and has just enough color to brighten up my face, while at the same time keeping my cheeks natural looking. It’s the NARS blush in Orgasm, which lately has been by favorite blush.

Anyone who’s into make up will probably wonder: but wait, where’s the concealer? or where’s the foundation? Well I don’t use those. Can’t be bothered with them at 6 AM and so I definitely wouldn’t bother with them if I were to pick only 3 products.

Q: Which three items would you pick?

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