Slam FM Beach Break

Today me and Kimberley are going to the Slam FM Beach Break. It’s my first ever official beach party and I’m all ready to go! It’s going to be jam packed, as the event is sold out and many popular DJs will show off their skills.

It’s been a while since I’ve been to any of these type of parties, but I’m pretty sure it will be fun. Ewa is going to be there too and there are definitely a couple of DJs on the list that I look forward to hearing. Amongst them Vato Gonzalez and DJ Jean. My only worry is what kind of people will show up to the party. There is a pretty good chance that I might bump into some of my students as they all study event management and are crazy for these kind of parties. Oh well, as long as I’m not the oldest person there, which I guess I won’t be, I’ll be alright. I’ll be having a blast anywayz!

And even if I don’t like it, it won’t ruin my weekend as tomorrow is Parkpop (a free festival in The Hague) and in the evening I’ll be going to Tame Impala in Utrecht. So my weekend is fool proof!

Q: what are you up to this weekend?

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  1. Have fun 🙂 The crowd is pretty young but you def wont be the oldest one! Im on my way already, so i’ll see you guys i a few hours! Xx

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