Blisters Galore (Ouch)!

It’s summer and so that means that I’ve taken to wearing open toed and strappy shoes again. Unfortunately, this tendency does not go unpunished. Especially not yesterday.

See, I’m a good girl when it come to taking care of my feet. Whenever I wear heels I pretty much always bring a pair of flats to walk to and from the station and I scrub them, moisturize them, and paint my toenails. So it’s not like they aren’t getting any attention right?

Yesterday, however, I was wearing a pair of wedge heels with a sling back strap and a peep toe. Let’s just say my left foot did NOT like this pair of shoes at all and I, for once, had forgotten to bring a pair of flats. It went well for most of the day, though when I walked from work to the city centre to meet a few colleagues for drinks & dinner it went horribly wrong.

By the time we sat down I had to take off my shoes and in the end I couldn’t even walk anymore. I walked back to the station bare foot. There simply was no other way. I had three huge blisters, one of which had already popped on its own accord and I was in major major pain. I will spare you the rest of the very gross details.

I got some funny looks from people, staring at the shoes in my hand, and then my bare feet and back up, as I was concentrating very hard on not stepping into any glass or nails or anything else that was nasty. I do have to say though, that I quite like the whole barefoot thing. It felt pretty good to walk around without my shoes on for a chance. I don’t think I would necessarily like to turn into a hobby, but it wasn’t as bad as I had expected.

Q: Have you done anything that made all the people stare?

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