I cracked and bought…

As I wrote I’ve been a bad bad girl. I had told myself I couldn’t buy anything that I didn’t need for all of June & July. However, me being me, I knew that would be a stretch. One month, yes, I managed just fine, but come end of June and sale starting everywhere I could no longer resist. Also, buying things is sort of my way of rewarding myself. So when I get busy, I tend to go shopping more, as I feel I deserve it. Here’s what I bought in the past 2 weeks:


After going to London, my tea addiction has come on a bit stronger than usual. I decided to buy tons of different kinds which aren’t available in Holland. I had bought one particular kind back then which is now my favorite tea: Green Tea with Mango. Since I loved it so much and I only bought one pack, I ran out of it very soon. That’s why I took to Twinings online store last week and ordered my favorite tea as well as a few others.

Make Up!

By E.L.F. to be specific. So this batch wasn’t overly expensive. Pretty much everything I bought comes from their studio line. It’s a bit more expensive than the regular line (at 3,50 a pop it’s still cheap though), but it’s much better quality than the regular line as well. I’m particularly loving the two blushes I bought in Merry Berry & Mellow Mauve.


Of course, I cannot shop without buying a pair of shoes. I fell in love with these shoes the minute I saw them. Ideal for summer and they go perfectly with the flowery summer dress I bought at TopShop in London.


I only bought a few trinkets and everything was on sale as well. Gotta love sale shopping

– surf shorts (Lady Sting)

– black skirt (H&M)

– jeans jacket (Mango)

The jeans jacket and black skirt had been on my wishlist for a few months and the pants are just super practical and well, very me I guess.

Q: Do you shop as a reward to yourself?

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