Reorganized Bookshelves

Last week, I suddenly had a brain wave. This brain wave came at a highly inconvenient time, as most brain waves do, right around midnight. Since my brain wave included reorganizing the bookcase that holds my English novels, I decided that midnight wasn’t a good time to act on it. I decided to do it a few days later.

Here is the before picture:

In the left book case you find 7″ & 12″ records. Below that is one shelf of English novels, then one shelf of literature which does not fall under ‘English novels’ and the bottom shelf holds books on mythology, fairy tales and folklore. As you can see in the left hand bottom corner there are two boxes stacked in front of the book case and in the book case on the right hand you can find another box sitting on a shelf.

Apart from this set up being inconsistent and highly inconvenient, it looks quite messy as well. So, I decided to rearrange some things: take out the literature and mythology books and move them to another book case. Then I moved up those shelves to fit some of my English novels, leaving space at the bottom for my boxes and two empty shelves, which means more space for new books.

This is what it looks like now:

My English novels now start right underneath my records, moving all the way into the right hand book case. They are ordered alphabetically from A – Z. I put some other boxes on the shelves, else it looked kind of pathetic and empty.

The books that I took out of this book case moved into a book case which I can utilize on both sides. I have a smaller size of these shelves which is positioned in such a way that I can also put books behind the books which are already there. Double stacking! So another great tip if you have lots of stuff, but a small space to live in: try to see if you can double stack your books and place two rows of books onto one shelf. Saves space!

Q: What was your latest brain wave?

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