Trend: Polka Dots

Lately I’ve been noticing a very fun trend: polka dot patterns. They are everywhere and I’m loving it. I’m a sucker for prints like that: polka dots, stars, stripes. It’s simple but it still makes an item look just a tad more cheerful. When I realized how much I love polka dots, I quickly had a browse through my closet and lo and behold: I have plenty of stuff brandishing this very fun pattern. Here’s what I own that involves polka dots in one way or another.

Oh but before we start, here’s your soundtrack that goes perfectly with this post:

*sings* We should all wear polka dots *shuts up*

Light pink & black polka dot blazer (H&M)

Black & white polka dot shorts (Zara) (excuse the crumpled look)

These originally come with a gold button, but I exchanged it for a black one.

And when you have shorts, you obviously also need a polka dotted skirt…

Black & white polka dot skirt (Cool Cat)

Light pink & black polka dotted top (H&M)

Navy & white polka dot baby doll dress (New Yorker)

Beige & red polka dot retro style dress (H&M)

This is my favorite clothing item in the bunch. I love how it’s not the standard black & white polka dot look. The dress looks a little silly on the hanger, but it looks great on. It has this 60s retro vibe to that I love.

Black & white polka dot flats (Sasha)

Shoes! I have had these for years and they are super comfy too!

Accessories: sunglasses case & earrings

This isn’t everything I have when it comes to accessories though. I also have a bunch of hair clips as well as a scarf with a polka dot pattern.

Q: Do you like polka dots?

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  1. I love polka dots, especially in combination with bows,like your shoes and I have a hobo bag that is grey with black polka dots and has a pink bow. Love!

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