Back to work

Yup today is the day! After 5 weeks of absolutely nothing I will be going back to work. In a way I’m so ready to get back and in another way I am totally not into it. Why? Read on!

First of all the reasons why I’m excited to get back to work. The number one reason for wanting to go back to work is because I love my job. It’s great getting back into the swing of things: teaching, developing course materials and being around students. I will be teaching a few (to me) completely new classes this year and I will also be developing a course pretty much from scratch. I love doing those things so I’m definitely excited about that.

Secondly, the entire building was given a complete rework over the summer vacation. This not only means that I will be getting a new office, but the entire layout has been reworked. I’m no longer up on the second floor, but on the ground floor, right by my classrooms. Handy and easy! I’ve already seen some pictures and it’s looking very nice. It’s more spacious and more importantly we now have a teacher meeting/ breakroom that leads into one of the patios so you can have lunch while sitting outside. That’s a big plus!

Now for the thing I am not too excited about. Moving to a new office, also means getting new colleagues (yet again) with whom I’m sharing my office. I don’t mind meeting new people, but I’ll be sharing an office with 7 (!!!) other people. Granted most people don’t work full time, so not everyone will be there all the time, but still… For a I-need-my-personal-space-or-else-I’ll-go-crazy person like me, this just sounds like living hell. I’m very very curious to see how that will go.

Q: When are you going back to school/ work and are you excited?

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