Make Up Collection: Lip Balms

I love lip balms. My favorite being Chapstick brand lip balms, but I have many others that I also love and use on a regular basis. Read on to find out which ones I have and which ones I love.

Chapstick: classic, peppermint, medicated, cherry, apple, strawberry

My favorite kind of lip balm is Chapstick. I use this lipbalm every day. I always use Strawberry chapstick before I go out the door in the morning and I always bring the regular chapstick with me to work and wherever I go. It’s not too sticky/oily and it stays on for a long time. Perfect!

Labello/ Nivea: olive & lemon, milk & honey, fruity shine guave, starfruit, apricot cream

Labello (called Nivea in England and the US) also has some great lip balms. I don’t like all of them. The regular one is too thick, but these flavored ones are amazing. I especially like the milk & honey one and the starfruit one has a nice berry color which transfers onto your lips.

Lipsmackers: shimmer (marshmellow), cotton candy, bubble gum, water melon, cherry coke, vanilla sugar pink, raspberry melon

If you love flavored lip balms, then lipsmackers are the way to go. My favorite one is the watermelon one. The consistency of these is really nice: they glide on nicely and moisturize your lips thoroughly.

Burt’s Bees Honey & Burt’s Bees regular, Eyeko Fatbalm in raspberry

Sleek Pout Polish in Powder Pink & Electro Peach

Vaseline Aloe Vera & Rosy Lips, Rose & Co Apothecary Rose Petal & Cherry Kiss

This picture features another of my favorite lip balms: the Vaseline Aloe Vera lip balm. I tend to use this before I go to sleep or during winter when my lips need a bit more attention.

Rosebud salve: original, menthol & eucalyptus, minted rose

My favorite lip balm after chapstick: rosebud salve. Not only can you use this as a lip balm, but you can use this on any dry area on your skin, as it is multi-purpose and very versatile. It is my favorite as it also helps to alleviate itching when I get cold sores.

E.L.F. Candy Shop Cherry Bomb& Melon Mayhem, Carmex

The Body Shop lip butter in lemon & cherry, EOS lip balm in honey suckle

I also really love these, especially the EOS lip balm. It’s a little thin, but it smells heavenly and it does its job.

So there you have it: my lip balm collection. My favorites are chapstick, rosebud salve and vaseline aloe vera.

Q: what’s your favorite lip balm?

2 responses to “Make Up Collection: Lip Balms”

  1. My all time favorites…(use them everyday):

    * Howie Dee #100 Chapstick (Citrus)
    * Chapstick Pepermint
    * Chapstick Classic

    Wish they would sell them in Holand.. (for a decent prize!)

  2. Is the Howie D one an actual chapstick? That’s so funny! I use my strawberry one the most together with the classic one. The strawberry & apple ones are from the UK btw, so if you’re ever in the UK you can find them there as well.

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