Soothing music

Since Saturday I’ve been feeling like c-r-a-p. For whatever reason my body decided on Saturday night that I should rekindle my relationship with my toilet in a not so fun way. I’ve been feeling nauseous, been having headaches and the shivers ever since. Unfortunately for me, I can’t stay home from work as my students are taking oral exams and they need a teacher to assess these of course. In times like these there is only one thing that keeps me going: music. These are the songs I’ve been listening to over and over the past few days.


1. Quiet piano music

It’s times like these when I listen mostly to quiet piano music: Chopin, Satie, Berlioz, Debussy you name it. As long as it features a quite tinkering on the ivories I’m good. One of my particular favorites is the Remember Me Score made by Marcelo Zarvos. I’ve been enjoying this song in particular:

Marcelo Zarvos – Remember Me:

2.) Quiet folky guitar music

I enjoy a good deal of folk music to begin with, but when I’m feeling a bit down and out I especially like the type with gentle guitar plucking and smooth voices. Something like this song by Honeybear:

Honeybear – Bottom over Top:

3.) Droning repetitive beats

One of my favorite things in music to begin with are beats, but when it’s droning & repetitive I can terribly enjoy beats in more ways than one. It can have an amazingly calming effect on me and puts me right to sleep (in a good way).

Rob Dougan – Clubbed to Death:

4.) Dreamy surf pop

Dreamy music is of course good when all you want to do is stare off into space without a care in the world. If you combine the dreamy with a bit of a surfy feel it’s brought to another level. My current favorite song being by Widowspeak.

Widowspeak – Harsh Realm:

5.) Smooth voiced R&B

By now you should know that I’m a sucker for cheesy 90s R&B songs, but let me tell you that there is nothing more soothing than a good, smoothly sung R&B song. My favorite? Joe – No One Else Comes Close:

Alright and on that note, I’m off to bed. I still want to make a post on another part of my make up collection some time this week, but I don’t know when I’ll be up for it. I was thinking of going over my lipglosses in a video, but we’ll see.

Q: What music do you use to relax?

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