My fave youtube beauty gurus

I’ve been watching beauty videos on youtube for a little over a year now and so in that time, I’ve come across some people I like and some people I don’t like. I’ve subscribed to the ones I like best and here is my top 5 channels that I’ve subscribed to. I’m always happy to find a new video in my subscription box when these people have uploaded a new video.

1.) Gossmakeupartist

I’ve talked about Wayne Goss’ channel several times and I find his videos very helpful. If you are looking into knowing more about technique, cheaper dupes of high end products and make up ingredients then you should check him out. His videos are short but sweet and he just comes across as very honest. He literally tries anything that comes out and always gives helpful tips. His videos featuring his friend Mandy are super entertaining as they are helpful.

2.) Emilynoel83

The queen of budget/ drugstore make up! She also has a massive massive make up collection. Most of the make up she uses is drugstore make up, with a few high end brands chucked in the mix. The only unfortunate thing is that she buys a lot of brands you cannot find in The Netherlands. However, if you need proof that you can look great with budget proof make up, then here is your answer. I did have to get over her nasal voice though, but she makes videos frequently and knows her stuff.

3.) Xteeener

This girl makes the prettiest neutral looks and has a great sense of style to put in the mix as well. She has some great tutorials on transforming day looks into night looks and some fun Halloween tutorials as well. Most of her videos though feature very basic looks. I really enjoyed this tutorial she posted a few days ago.

4.) MissChievous

Now if neutral looks are not your thing, then you should watch this lady’s channel. She has a few neutral looks going on, but a lot of her videos feature much more dramatic make up like Arab style make up and costume make up. I think she has great skill and since she lives in Europe the stuff she buys is usually stuff we can get our hands on too. My current favorite is the vampire make up for Halloween tutorial she posted just the other day:

5.) amarixe

When it comes to eye looks I really like watching this girl’s videos. When it comes to skin tone etc. she’s very close to mine so the colors she uses in her tutorials are things that will usually look good on me too. Plus she likes the same eyeshadows and eye looks I do so that makes her channel perfect for me. This is one of my favorite videos by her. It’s a bit older and her camera has gotten better since then, but I really like these kind of looks.

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