Must watch: Fry’s Planet Word

It’s finally here! Stephen Fry’s documentary on language. I saw him tweet about it numerous times and when I went to see him in June, he had just gotten back from a trip that would be used for this documentary. So, I knew this would be coming soon. It is a 5-part documentary in which Fry investigates language and all its aspects.

I’ve only seen the first episode so far, but for a language lover like me, this documentary is like one big chocolate pie that I cannot get enough of and I’m pretty sure some of you are interested in this too. That is why I am posting the youtube links to all 5 episodes. Enjoy!

Episode 1: Babel

Episode 2: Identity

Episode 3: Uses & abuses

Episode 4: Spreading the Word (on the written word)

Episode 5: The Power and the Glory (on storytelling)

Credit goes to EmptyGlass99

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