Low Carb: One Month Later

A little over a month ago I wrote how I’ve decided to drastically cut down my intake of carbs. Not because I want to lose weight, but because I found that my stomach starts doing flip flops and aches and cramps that I really didn’t want to deal with. Now, one month later I’m still going strong, with a few ups and down. This blog is about my experiences so far.

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First of all, click here, to read my earlier post about this. At the time I wrote, that after just one week I could tell it worked and it really does. When I’m not eating bread and pasta I feel much better overall than I did before. I’m still eating carbs though, mostly fruit and I have major sweettooth so I sometimes just cave, but none of that is giving me problems, oddly enough. Technically, I can eat a roll of cookies and be fine, but eating a plate of pasta is a complete no go.

I’ve had two spells where I couldn’t get away from eating carbs because I was at a place where not eating any carbs was simply not an option. Afterwards, I instantly felt less energetic and my nausea and stomach troubles returned. I also tried some pasta again and that gave me the worst spell so far. Another thing I tried was some paella, which was fine the first day, but after a second time in a row I woke up dizzy, with a headache and so tired I thought I was about to keel over any minute. Not good, if you ask me.

I have to admit I did eat the odd sandwich or two because I was craving one and that went just fine, it just seems like I can’t go with eating carbs every day. People I’ve talked to are all suggesting that I might have developed an intolerance for gluten but I honestly don’t think that can be it, as gluten are also found in the stuff I’ve been eating which goes down just fine, not just bread and pasta. I’m still thinking it’s the actual texture of the food that’s causing my problems, which makes me link it all to the overwhelming spell of stress I suffered from in October.

All in all, I’m not feeling any different. If anything, I’m only feeling better. As long as I keep my carb intake at a minimum, I eat less, feel full quicker and to top things off: I even lost a few pounds which I wanted to shed anyway. To me, it just seems a win-win situation. However, just because people are suggestion it might be something more, I will hit up a doctor some time soon to see what could be the problem and whether I’m right. The thing is: I really don’t mind this new way of eating. I feel healthy and energetic and the food that I can eat is delicious. Yes, you need carbs, but if you eat fruit you already get plenty of them. It’s only on the days I work out or go to dance class that I need a little extra, which is just what I do.

So there you have it: nothing but positive from this end of the stick. To give you an idea of what I’ve been eating I have listed some of the menus I’ve made or are planning to make.

1.) Breakfast: yoghurt with kiwi fruit

2.) Lunch: salad

I vary this as much as I can. I  always make sure to use 3 different types of veggie, 1 type of cheese/ dairy and 1 type of meat/ fish and if I can I also add some type of nut. Some combinations:

– Pesto chicken with feta cheese, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, olives, capers and pine nuts

– Bacon with goat’s cheese, bell pepper, tomato and walnuts

– Tuna with avocado, onion and some mayonaise

3.) Dinner: veggies with fish or meat

– Sprouts w/ meat ball

– Broccoli w/ chicken wing

– Green Beans w/ fish fingers

– Roasted pumpkin with egg plant, zucchini, bell pepper, bacon bits and pine nuts (I’m making this today!)

– Soup

4.) Snacks:

– banana (around 3 PM)

– apple (around 5 PM)

– Dutch gingerbread (only on the days I work out)

– cheese (just dice it and eat it)

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