My new haircut & quick outfit of the day

It’s not the cut that is different, because that is something I’ve kept pretty much the same. I decided to go for a splash of color though. Something that is very trendy right now is ombre hair. I’m usually not big on trends, especially hair trends, but when I saw this ombre trend going around I couldn’t help but like it. It’s usually something that brunettes do with straight long hair and then they dye the ends of their hair blonde. But here I am a natural blonde with medium-length wavy hair and no interest in going for a safe combination with dark brown. Curious what my hairdresser came up with? Then keep on reading!

My hair this morning right before I left

As you can see it’s a fair bit longer than on my profile pic and much of my waves have dwindled downwards at the top part had gotten too long and heavy. But this is all natural, no blowdryer, curling iron or w/e needed. All I do is wash my hair and put in some moisturizer and that’s it.

And now on to the ‘new’ hair:

Same cut, but with a bit of a twist 😉

Front view. See how the red is just peeping through here? Love it!

As you can see: I just had it cut into more layers making it light and fluffy again. The result: more waves. Due to the hairdresser blowdrying my hair it is not as wavy as it is when I let it air dry. So the cut is actually quite boring. It’s the color that makes this hair style ‘new’.

I didn’t want anything boring (read: safe and unnoticeable) and red hair has been one of my favorite hair colors whenever I dyed it. I didn’t want to go full red, so I decided to go for the curly haired version of an ombre (or dip dye) hair style (you can’t just dye the bottom strip of your hair if your hair isn’t straight!). Why go with boring brown when you can amp it up with a fierce coppery red color? My thoughts exactly.

This is what they did: my hairdresser took the bottom layer of hair and divided it into three zigzagged sections. She started dying just behind my ear so that when you make a pony tail it doesn’t look weird. Then she just dyed the whole bottom layer and TA DAH! This is the result. I’m totally in love with it, I’m just curious to see what people (read: my mom) will think. So leave a comment below!

And since I was taking pictures anyway I also decided to throw in a few outfit photos. Sorry about the blurriness!

What I’m wearing:

cable knit sweater (VILA)

black riding pants (H&M)

black brogue style wedges (Ebay)

Close up of the shoe (never mind the sock lolz)

So what do you guys think?

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