What the new year will bring

I don’t really do new year’s resolutions, but last year I did something like that. Most of these still stand. My job is a bit fickle as I’m not sure if my contract will be prolonged yet again, and when it comes to being satisfied with what I have, well I decided that I’m just not the type of person to ever be satisfied with anything. Before you think that’s a negative, I view it as a positive as it also allows me to strive for things in life and that is one trait that I cherish in myself. The rest I succeeded on or are things I want to continue anyway. So I was thinking: why focus on the negative and the things you want to change, when you can also look at what you have and put things in a negative light? Here’s what I know 2012 will hold in store for me regardless of what else happens.


Travel. Yep I have a few trips in mind again. I will be booking flights to two of my favorite countries some time today or tomorrow. First of all I’ll be going to London again in February and over summer I will finally, finally after 3 years, take a trip to the US of A again. But this time I won’t just be going to the States, oh no. I will visit Canada for the first time as plans are to hit up Toronto, Boston and of course New York City. Can’t wait for that.

Finish up uni courses. I only have 6 months of actual classes left. After that, it’s an internship and my dissertation and I’ll be done. I look forward to the day I am able to set up my own schedule again and be more flexible with when I work and when not. In other uni news, I also hope to get the article that I am still working on published. It’s not a matter of if, but more of when it will happen. My supervisor/ co-author is confident we have a good chance of getting it published in an academic journal. So that’s exciting.

New role at work. I’ve already talked it briefly a few times, but as of January 1st I will become the leader of the English team. My colleague decided to quit that task and I have decided to take it up. This means I will be busier, but it’ll also be an exciting and hopefully fruitful advance on the ladder of my career. If all fails, meaning my job has no place for me anymore, I will at least be able to list the experience on my resume, which hopefully makes me more appropriate for other jobs.

More concerts & good music. There’s already a few things I have in mind, all that rests is to get some tickets, so don’t fret I will be posting more on concerts and music I like. One thing I’m looking forward to is Swan Lake. Yup, I’m going to the ballet, courtesy of my mom. I have never seen a performance of Swan Lake and my having been a dancer for pretty much my entire life, it is sort of a must.

More shopping. Oh yes, I will definitely do some more shopping this year. As a matter of fact, my first shopping spree will happen some time this week as I plan on going to Antwerp. In other shopping news, another thing I need very very badly is a new laptop, so that is in fact the first thing I’ll be buying this new year.

More blogging. I do not intend to stop writing posts on here just yet. I feel like I’ve just started. I will soon hit my 500th post and December officially attracted more than 5000 views for the first time in the history of this blog. I know that’s not much compared to major blogs, but to me that’s incredible. I started this thing not even knowing what I was doing and now I’ve got 5000 views? How long and how frequent I can blog totally depends on what the job turns out to be. If anything I might post slightly less, but I will still be here. It’s also a way to keep me sane so I’ll need it. 😉

What are your plans for 2012?

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