Upcoming trips #1 – London

I started this year with an overview of what the new year would bring for me. One of my plans includes doing some traveling again. By now I have arranged most of my trips and so I thought it would be fun to inform you about them: what hotel I’ve picked out, what I plan on doing there etc. And of course if you have any suggestions, feel fee to leave a comment and tell me what I shouldn’t miss.

Tower Bridge, London (this is my own picture)

My first stop this year will be London and I’m excited to say that I will be going there in less than a month! I am gonna go for only four days during springbreak, but ever since I went to London in 2009 (after years of not having been there at all), I fell in love with it so much that I have been going back every year. This year is no exception. By now I’ve seen most of the touristy stuff, so I will be doing some sightseeing, but my main plan is just to browse around the city as much as I can (weather permit).

I’m staying at a very simple hotel as I’m not planning on spending much time there. The hotel is near King’s Cross Station and I was staying in the same area last year so I know a few pubs and places around, so even if the hotel is a horrible mess I can just hang out there. The hotel comes with breakfast and is close to public transportation and that’s the most important thing to me. I’m flying into Gatwick so I’ll be able to catch a train which takes me straight to St. Pancras and my hotel will be just a 5 minute walk, another plus!

As far as plans are concerned I honestly don’t really have any. I may want to try to hit up Temple Church, but that has very limited accessibility so I will have to look into whether it will even be open during my stay. Another thing that I might do go to a museum. This is mainly on the list for a rainy day. I’m thinking of going to the National Gallery or The British Museum. I’ve never been to the first one, and the last one has been ages since I last went there. I also want to go see a West End musical. Preferably I’d like to see Legally Blonde as I tried to go last year, but didn’t manage.

Other than that: there are no plans. I may want to go to Brick Lane as Rough Trade has its main store there and it’s apparently a very vibrant part of London. I will naturally be doing some shopping, but I’m not planning on doing a huge amount of spending. Last year my wishlist was huge, now: I have nothing on it. So we’ll see how it goes. I think I will just let my plans depend on tips from locals and whatever the weather is like. One thing I love about London is that by just walking around you’ll find something new regardless, so I think this trip will be fun.

What are your travel plans for 2012? Would London be on your list? Anyone planning on actually going to the Olympics this summer?

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  1. No travel plans – so far anyway. A friend wants me to go somewhere sunny with her for a week – but at the moment when I ask how much she’s quoting £280 for flights/acc and £500 for food/spending money on top of that.

    I would love one time when you come to London to come see the sights with you, February is too short notice – I do wonder how much the train is now the fare has gone up again! But yes I would like to see London sometime – but the traffic there drives me crazy and … my god, the cab drivers… I thought I was going to die back in 2005 doing 90 down the middle of the road to wembley pravillion.

    Olympics… I’m avoiding them as much as possible!

  2. Couldn’t you go down to Cornwall or Devon? That’s pretty warm and sunny in summer, it’s in the UK, plus in Devon they have this great natural heritage park. Sounds like something you’d like!

    • It’s possible yes, I’m looking around at the moment and that’s on the list. It’s a toss up between camping and hotel tho – camping is usually cheaper but carrying all camping stuff on a train – not very practical!

      I have a few places in mind and may take 2 4-5 day holidays or something, different places.

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