Low Carb: three months & counting

It’s been over 3 months since I first started cutting down carbs, I started in early November. I started because all foods with lots of carbs were giving me stomachaches. I already wrote two posts here and here about my ongoing progress. I found it quite easy to start and by now, 3 months later, I can say that it is also easy to keep up. Want to know how I do it and my experience till now? Then keep on reading!

So yes, 3 months and counting and still going strong! What I notice:

Especially the latter is something I am pleasantly surprised about. I bought a new pair of pants the other week which I actually needed in a size smaller than I initially thought. The size I was expecting to need actually looked big on me and I am happy to say that I now fit into the same size clothes as when I was 16. I know, that was a shock for me too.

The best part of it all is that I feel great! I eat less, but still have all the energy to do all the things I like to do. The foods that I eat don’t bother me and I feel healthy & strong. On top of that I can now fit into a bunch of clothes I never deemed possible and that really motivates me to keep this up. And to me, it didn’t even cost me that much effort, which is another good thing.

Like I said before I still cheat: I haven’t fully cut out carbs and I won’t be able to because I work out. I still have fruit 3x a day and I have a really bad sweet tooth so I allow myself to cave during weekends. Also: I eat pasta/ rice or bread on the days I work out. If I don’t that’s when I do feel like passing out afterwards, so I have decided to just have something containing carbs as my body clearly tells me I need it. So strictly speaking it’s not as low carb as can be, but hey whatever works right?

By now I can safely say that cutting down on bread/ pasta and rice has been a great success for me. Making a salad takes me as much time as making sandwiches and I feel full for a longer amount of time. It has even caused me to drink more fluids throughout the day which was something I was not good at before as well. True you sometimes have to be a bit more inventive but since I like cooking and trying new foods that is no problem for me.

To top it off I have now decided to just keep going. I’m just going to stick to salads for lunch instead of bread and I’m only going to eat carbs when I have to go to dance class or the gym. I believe that if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. So yes, that’s right I want to keep eating the way I do now, because when I do eat ‘bad’ foods I sometimes still get the occasional stomachaches, especially if I eat a lot of it in a row. I just think it will be better for me overall and in the long run to just stick to this change of diet. Doesn’t mean I cannot or won’t eat carbs at all, but to just lessen it has worked wonders for me.

Have you ever changed or tried changing your eating patterns?

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