Make Up Collection: Depotted Eyeshadows #2

Last week I already showed you my depotted NYX eyeshadows, but I have another palette filled with Sephora eyeshadows which I will show you today. Now I hear many people say bad things about Sephora shadows: they’re not pigmented, they give me a rash, etc. I have had no problems with these shadows though. Yes, there are a few that aren’t very pigmented but as you will be able to see below, the ones I have are all pretty much spot on and they never broke me out. Therefore I have nothing but good things to say about Sephora eyeshadow. Let’s have a look at the prettiness!

The palette (excuse the dirty window sill)

The colors. Aw pretty! Let’s have a look at some close ups:

Top row (f.l.t.r): Creme caramel, Lucky penny& French reviera gold

Middle row (f.l.t.r.): Sunkissed, Milestone & Mejane

Bottom row (f.l.t.r.): Suede, Starry sky & Mysterious forest

Top row (f.l.t.r.): Tender pink & Bohemian Chic

Middle row (f.l.t.r.): Fairy princess & Fame & fortune

Bottom row (f.l.t.r.): Midnight hour & Stephane

Again a few of these got nicked while depotting, but it doesn’t make the colors less pretty. My favorites here are Bohemian Chic, Sunkissed and Mysterious Forest. I think Bohemian Chic may be a dupe for MAC’s humid and Sunkissed is a perfect neutral eyeshadow. I like wearing this when I want to make a barely there look, or when I want to do a simple look only using eyeliner. Lucky penny is really nice too. It’s a bit more red than the average penny color, but that is exactly why it works. I love combining it with the gold shade in this palette.

Now, I started off this post by telling you that some people think these colors lack decent pigmentation. Here’s the proof why I disagree:

From left to right: creme caramel, sunkissed, suede, lucky penny, milestone, starry sky

From left to right: French riviera gold, mejane, mysterious forest, tender pink, fairy princess, midnight hour

From left to right: bohemian chic, fame & fortune, stephane

I don’t know about you but not very pigmented? Come again? Look at those gorgeous shades! Creme caramel is the only color not showing up clearly, but that’s because it is very close to my skin color. The only problem with these shades is that the glitter can be quite chunky and that has to be your cup of tea. It can cause some major fall out but in my experience when you are careful enough it doesn’t work any different than other shadows. As for people getting rashes: I have no experience with that whatsoever and I have sensitive skin. So I think it really depends on what you are allergic to.

My conclusion: Sephora eyeshadows make a great addition to my make up collection. They are a bit on the expensive side when bought at full price though so if you care to get a few of these: Wait for the V&D prijzencircus (major discount festival at a Dutch department store) and go get some. These shadows are then usually part of the 3 for €10 deal, while at full price they are almost €11 a piece.

Do you own any Sephora eyeshadows?

6 responses to “Make Up Collection: Depotted Eyeshadows #2”

  1. Ze zien er super mooi uit en ik sta ook altijd te kwijlen bij de sephora schappen, maar toch neem ik nooit wat mee. Bij mezelf denk ik dan “Voor een paar euro meer kun je ook een MAC oogschaduw kopen…” – niet dat ik dat dan doe hoor, hahaha, uiteindelijk besluit ik dat ik al genoeg make-up heb en houd ik wijs het geld in mijn zak!
    Maar ik denk zeker dat de kwaliteit van de oogschaduws van Sephora verbeterd zijn (en ook dat daar nog niet heel veel beautybloggers van op de hoogte zijn)!

    • Ja ik vind dat Sephora eigenmerk eigenlijk best wel neergesabeld wordt op Beautyblogs, maar ik snap het eerlijk gezegd niet. Ze hebben fijne blush en oogschaduws en ook heb ik een aantal kwasten die ik fijn vind. Ja ze zijn aan de prijs, maar ik koop dus alles tijdens het prijzencircus en dan valt het reuze mee!

    • Thanks! En try it! Maar wacht dan tot maart, dan is er weer een prijzencircus! Het is er dan wel heel druk, maar dan kun je 3 producten kopen voor 10 euro. Dus dan kun je wel wat uitproberen.

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