Nail Polish Collection *Update*

I thought it was time to give you all an update on my nail polish collection. Because even though I decided not to buy any more polishes a while ago, I just can’t help myself with all those pretty colors that are being released all the time. I do have to say that I have become much more picky when it comes to which polishes I like and which ones I don’t like, but there is always room for more. Now some of these polishes were already featured in shoplogs before, but some of them weren’t and I definitely didn’t show you swatches of all of them.

OPI Silver Shatter Topcoat, OPI Royal Flush Blush, OPI Mermaid’s Tears, OPI Designer… De Better, OPI Warm & Fozzie

OPI Meet me on the Star Ferry, OPI Mauving to Manitoba, OPI Chicago Champagne Toast, OPI Cozu-Melted in the Sun

Gosh Forest Floor, Catrice Purpelized, Catrice Iron Mermaiden, Catrice Raspberry Fields Forever, Catrice Just Berried, Catrice Rusty but Sexy

Catrice Up in the Air, Catrice Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy, Catrice Apropos Apricot, Catrice Let’s Mauve On, Catrice Lavenderlicious

Bourjois So Laque Tangerine Fatal, Rimmel I<3 Lasting Finish Black Cherries, Rimmel I<3 Lasting Finish Cranberry Zest, Essence Kings of Mints, Essence Be Optimistic, NYC In A New York Color Minute Canal Street,  NYC In A New York Color Minute Chelsea

China Glaze Holly-Day, China Glaze Strawberry Fields, Essie In Stitches, Essie Nice is Nice, Essie French Affair, Essie Coat Azure, Essie Topless & Barefoot, Orly Pink Lemonade

W7 Fuchsia glitter, W7 Blue glitter, W7 Green/ Yellow glitter, W7 Turquoise glitter, W7 Purple/ Pink/ Red/ Blue glitter, W7 Rose glitter, Ciaté Strictly Legal

Swatches of all these polishes:

19. NYC In A New York Color Minute Chelsea, 20. NYC In A New York Color Minute Canal Street

1. OPI Royal Flush Blush, 2. OPI Designer… De Better, 3. Rimmel I<3 Lasting Finish Cranberry Zest, 4. Rimmel I<3 Lasting Finish Black Cherries, 5. Ciaté Strictly Legal, 6. Gosh Forest Floor, 7. China Glaze Holly-Day, 8. China Glaze Strawberry Fields, 9. OPI Mermaid’s Tears, 10. OPI Warm & Fozzie, 11. W7 Turquoise glitter, 12. W7 Green/ Yellow glitter, 13. W7 Blue glitter, 14. W7 Purple/ Pink/ Red/ Blue glitter, 15. W7 Fuchsia glitter, 16. W7 Rose glitter

3. Catrice Lavenderlicious, 4. Catrice Up in the Air, 5. Essence Kings of Mints, 6. Catrice Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy, 7.Catrice Apropos Apricot, 8. Bourjois So Laque Tangerine Fatal, 9. Catrice Raspberry Fields Forever, 10. Catrice Just Berried, 11. Essie In Stitches, 12. Essie French Affair, 13. Essie Nice is Nice, 14. Essie Coat Azure, 15. Orly Pink Lemonade, 16. Catrice Let’s Mauve On, 17. Catrice Iron Mermaiden, 18. Catrice Purpelized

15. Catrice Rusty but Sexy, 16. Essence Be Optimistic, 17. OPI Cozu-Melted in the Sun, 18. OPI Chicago Champagne Toast, 19. OPI Mauving to Manitoba, 20. OPI Meet me on the Star Ferry

12. OPI Silver Shatter Topcoat, 13. Essie Topless & Barefoot

If you would like to see the rest of my collection you can go to the following posts:

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Mini update: nail polish collection (Nail Wheel 11)

As you can see I have added some polishes, but nothing major and most of them you’ve seen before, but I just thought I’d be consistent and show all the polishes including swatches.

Some of my favorite colors that I have added in the past year or so are OPI’s Mermaid’s Tears, Essie Coat Azure, Gosh Forest Floor and Ciaté Strictly Legal.

What has been your favorite nail polish color?

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    • Thanks. Ik heb de OPI vooral via internet gekocht. Dat schilt echt enorm in prijs. En verder heb ik sommige lakjes al bijna 15 jaar dus het is een ongoing process. 😉

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