New Nail Polish – Essence & Catrice Million Styles

The other day I popped into my local drugstore. Even though I wasn’t looking for anything, I found some A+mazing nail polishes. Essence just recently revamped their collection, however the polishes that I know came out, I haven’t been able to find just yet. What I did find though, are two very pretty other colors. Budget buddy Catrice released their limited edition Million Styles Effect Top Coat line this week and I was hoping to catch it on time, before they were gone. I had already seen the promo pics and knew I wanted a few of these, as the line features some really impressive looking top coats. Let’s have a look at the colors and the swatches shall we?

Essence: Gold Fever & Walk on Air

Swatches: Gold Fever on the left, Walk on Air on the right (two coats)

Gold fever is a sparkly glitter polish with gold and red specks. It’s the red glitter that makes this polish special. It’s a bit on the sheer side, but I think three coats would make it opaque and if you layer this over red or gold nail polish you would need less coats as well. I have plenty of blue polishes, but no perfect, creamy, bright blue. That changed when I found this baby. My eye was immediately drawn to it and is the perfect shade for spring & summer. These nail polishes are only 1,29 euros a piece. Now let’s move on to the Catrice polishes.

Catrice Million Styles: ¿Holo Qué Tal?, Godfather of Pearl, Shake it Flake it!

These are two holographic nail polishes (purple and blue) and a transparent flaky one.

Catrice Million Styles: Million Dollar Baby, Have an Ice Day, Return of Space Cowboys

This is a platinum flaky and two multi-reflective glitter topcoats.

Swatches: Return of Space Cowboys, Million Dollar Baby, Have an Ice Day, Godfather of Pearl, ¿Holo Qué Tal?, Shake it Flake it!

Doesn’t look that impressive does it? Wait till you see these swatched on a dark base color. Like this:

Swatches: Return of Space Cowboys, Million Dollar Baby, Have an Ice Day, Godfather of Pearl, ¿Holo Qué Tal?, Shake it Flake it! (swatched over Bourjous Noir de Chine)

Can you say wow?! These swatches are one coat over a black base coat. I don’t find all of them that impressive, but the two flaky and holographic polishes are amazing. Return of Space Cowboys and Have an Ice Day are the least impressive to me, as the multi-reflective glitter effect is hard too see. These might work better over lighter base coats though. Perhaps with a dark grey or a greyish blue? Here are some close ups:

Swatches: Shake it Flake it!, ¿Holo Qué Tal?Godfather of Pearl, Have an Ice Day
(swatched over Bourjous Noir de Chine)

Swatches: Have an Ice Day, Million Dollar Baby, Return of Space Cowboys (over Bourjois Noir de Chine)

I don’t know about you, but I’m impressed and at only 2,50 euros a pop they aren’t expensive either. Right now, Kruidvat has a discount on Catrice nail polish as well: you get 2 for 4 euros. So hurry, because I have a feeling that these might sell out quickly.

What do you think of these nail polishes?

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