My New Inglot Eyeshadow Palette

As you saw in my Amsterdam shoplog, I bought a new Inglot eyeshadow palette. I already have one 5 eyeshadow palette which I purchased in September. Having loved this palette so much, I knew I wanted more. I don’t have that many bright colors of eyeshadow and since brights and pastels are in style for the next couple of seasons I thought I’d make that part of my palette. Just like last time, the service was great and I went home a very satisfied customer. This is the palette I bought:

As you can see I went with a 10 pan square eyeshadow palette that features mostly matte shades. There’s one sparkly sea foam green color, a shiny lavender and a shiny white/ silvery highlight. All other colors are matte and bright. In the top let you can see the color I selected to be my main crease color. I already knew I wanted mostly matte shades which is exactly why I went to Inglot. Their matte shades are amazing: very creamy, not chalky and with great pigmentation. My goal was to go home with a complete palette that would nicely tie in with the one I already have. Click here to see the other palette. Let’s have a look at a close up of the colors.

Matte 239 & AMC Shine 32

The first two colors from the top left corner: a matte cool gray tone and a sparkly sea foam green color. The gray will function mostly as a crease color. The sparkly color goes nicely with the other green color in the palette.

Matte 345 & Matte 361

These colors are where it gets fun! A minty sea foam green color which is completely matte and a bright coral color, also matte. Seeing these colors just makes me happy instantly!

Matte 388 & Pearl 429

These bottom left corner colors are both different shades of lavender. Matte 388 is a very bright lavender which is a bright blue with a purple undertone. Pearl 429 is a shimmery color that is a perfect pastel lavender. These two shades complement each other nicely.

Matte 379 & Matte 334

These shades are both more purple and also complement each other. I would call Matte 379 a true lavender. This is the exact color of the flowers! The purple color is more like a dark lilac. I originally wanted a pastel lilac color instead of the purple, but they had run out. Fortunately for me, this color works better in the palette than the pastel lilac one I originally selected. I can always mix in some white if I want to make it an actual pastel.

Matte 364 & Pearl 453

The two lightest shades in the palette: a soft yellow color and a shiny silvery white highlight.

I already mentioned the pigmentation being great, but you will of course only believe me when you see for yourself. So here are some swatches:

Matte 239 AMC Shine 32, Matte 345, Matte 361, Matte 364

Matte 388, Pearl 429, Matte 379, Matte 334, Pearl 453

As you can see the pigmentation is fantastic. You can clearly see how creamy these shadows are: they slide onto your skin like butter. Especially soft yellow tones are difficult to get opaque enough, but just look at how good that came out! Between this new palette and my old one I will be able to create many looks. As the palettes are very durable and sturdy they are also perfect for taking with you on the go. All I know is that with this palette I am ready for spring.

Do you have anything by Inglot? What do you think of these colors?

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