This week has been a good week!

This week has been a heck of a week. Monday I was in for a bit of a rough start, but as the week progressed it only got better and better. I already posted about most of these things on my social network sites, such as Twitter and Facebook, but I cannot help but share this in a blog all over again.

I treated myself to these two albums: Other Lives – Tamer Animals & Tim Christensen & The Damn Crystals. I also purchased a ticket to a live show of the latter group

As I mentioned earlier, Monday was off for a rough start. I had to help a new colleague get started, but her brand new laptop unfortunately wasn’t working which made me miss a work meeting. All in all, it wasn’t that bad, I just felt bad for my colleague as it was her first day and I also felt bad as my colleagues were waiting for me in the meeting which I ended up having to cancel. I hate doing those kind of things. Later that morning, I just wrote a few more letters to apply for jobs and in the afternoon I went to my first last class at university.

Now here is why my week was great:

  1. The course I started at university is very interesting. It is called Ethnographic approaches to Social Media. In other words, it’s about apply specific qualitative research methods to Social Media research. I already knew most of the stuff I was told in both lectures, but nonetheless it is interesting. This is the type of research and research topic which I have in my for my thesis and who knows what else in the future. So far it looks very promising and I hope the course will remain interesting for the next six weeks.
  2. My abstract was accepted to the Symposium on Sociolinguistics which is held in Berlin in August. Probably some of the most exciting news to hear all week! Last summer I wrote a paper on emoticons, which my supervisor liked so much he offered to help me turn it into an article. He then alerted me to the fact that it would fit perfectly with the Berlin symposium and asked me whether I would like to submit an abstract. I decided to take the chance and he helped me write an abstract and now it has been accepted. This is super exciting for two reasons. One: I get to present a paper at an actual scientific conference. Two: the article is no where near being done yet, so I guess I have my work cut out for me for the next couple of months.
  3. Another university related thing is that I (hopefully) finished another course. I’m literally ticking off items of my compulsory assignments right now so I have not so much to do anymore next year. I handed in a paper on language norms in English language teaching on Wednesday morning. Now all I can do is hope it is good enough so I can pass this course too. Then it’s the social media course I have to finish and one more paper before summer and then I’ll be done for this year. And that only leaves a research internship and my thesis for next year. Hooray!
  4. On Wednesday I received some more good news. I got an email from a job I had applied for, for which I really hoped I would be invited for an interview. That job would really mean another step up for me and I really hope that this will be a good interview. Fingers crossed!
  5. Yesterday I had a job interview at a school with a job pretty similar to what I’m doing right now. I was excited when I saw the vacancy as they are promising some great extras and opportunities on top of just working as an English teacher. The interview went well in my opinion and actually made me very enthusiastic. It sounds like an amazing place to work at, even better then from what I read in the vacancy and on their website. Now all I have to do is hope that they like me and invite me for a second interview. So let’s cross our toes and fingers for this one!

Five amazing things that all happened in one week! Pfff, I don’t often have weeks this exciting. Oh and I forgot to mention I now also have a 4 day weekend as today it’s Good Friday and we have a second day of for Easter in The Netherlands. I will be visiting my parents for Easter and also meet up with some friends, but I will still have plenty of time left for just chilling and doing my thing. Bel Ami has just opened up in cinemas and it’s playing my local cinema so if I feel like it, I might go and see it tonight or tomorrow.

What are you up to for Easter?

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  1. Hope you get the job hun! You’ve worked so hard it’s all paying off now!

    As for this weekend, I’m going to get some fresh food (fruit, fish and chicken) tomorrow, today I got my healthy snacks. Other than that reading I think.

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