My favorite stores for shopping clothes

If you hadn’t noticed already I love to shop. I’m not an expensive shopper, which is one of the reason why I can buy quite a lot of things. If I spend more than 50 euros on a single item of clothing it’s a lot and then it better be good too. I will only spend 50 euros or more on items that I deem special enough to be worth the money. This means that it’s usually limited to dresses, the occasional blazer or cardigan and a pair of jeans. I make exceptions for shoes though, as a good pair of shoes is usually a bit more expensive. Which is why I usually end up going to the same stores and why I like getting a good deal (on sale or just in general). Over the years I have thus developed a few favorites and that is why I thought it would be fun to give you a list of my favorite places to shop for fashion. Here are my 5 favorites.


This blog has featured plenty of hauls from H&M. It’s easily accessible and not expensive. I have to say that H&M can be a bit hit or miss at times, especially when you order something online, but my experiences overall have been good so far. I think that most of my clothing comes from the Swedish mega company. I just love how they have good basics in the colors that are trendy that season, as well as some more trendy items that seem to be taken straight from the catwalk. You can get dressed from head to toe under 50 euros using only H&M as they also have great accessories, shoes, bags, underwear etc. And not in the least bit important: I exactly know my size so I usually know right off the bat which size I need. Biggest disadvantage: everyone and their mother wears it.


This website I usually only use for window shopping. Just to get inspiration. I don’t always find the price/ quality combination worthwhile on Asos, but they do have some great, more different items that not everyone in your town will be wearing. It is also huge. I think that if I were to spend an entire week on that website I would still not have been able to see everything that is on there. Another thing I love is how they actually have a catwalk video for all the items so you can see how the clothing moves: whether it’s stiff or flowy etc. You usually cannot see that in a picture.


What I love about ZARA is how they are usually very quickly with translating trends from the runway into consumer fashion. If you read about a trend today, chances are ZARA is selling it tomorrow. I also like how they have a lot of more business casual clothing at affordable prices. I know that if I ever need to buy smarter clothes for a future job, all I have to do is hit up ZARA and I’ll be set and ready to go within minutes. They usually have a great selection of blazers and dressy shirts but the TRF/ Trafaluc line is definitely edgier, with more trendy pieces. The main downside with ZARA for me is that the sizes can run a bit small and sometimes a large won’t even fit.


Topshop is not yet available in Holland, nor anywhere near it, but every time I go to London I have to have a peek. You don’t go to Topshop for basics, but for the more trendy items they sell. Especially because that is where you can get the best deals. A t-shirt at Topshop can easily cost you 25 punds, which for a t-shirt is quite expensive if you ask me. However, I bought two knits in February and both cost around 30 – 35 pounds each, which for a thick knit sweater that not everyone and their mother will wear is definitely not bad. Out of all the stores in this post I think Topshop is also the most trendy one. They seem to sell the trends before they become trends, if you know what I mean. It is not only great for clothes, but also for shoes, accessories, make up and everything else you need to put together a complete look.

Urban Outfitters

Last but not least is Urban Outfitters. This US store (which is also located in Antwerp by the way) is not for basics. It’s trendy, but slightly more edgy and rough and tough looking than Topshop. If there is one thing for sure it’s that you will not find a standard item in the store. The cuts are always slightly different, so are the colors, the textures, well everything. That is probably why it is expensive. A knit cardigan can set you back 75 euros in one go and basic looking t-shirts can cost as much as 30 – 40 euros. However, some of my most loved items (little black dress, comfiest cardigan and one of my favorite t-shirts) all come from this store. So if you’re willing to make an investment and you like slightly quirky clothing items this is the place for you. And even if you think the clothes are too expensive: have a look at their accessories, books, and quirky pop culture items that are also being sold there.

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