Roaring 20s flapper girl look

Last night I went to my very first 1920s and 1930s inspired party ever. I have a friend who runs a living history company and she organizes parties from time to time that go back to a certain day and age. This time is was a 1920 and 1930s inspired party. I first attended a lindy hop course just to get a hold of the basics and after that there was a party with a live band. Now, knowing my friend it would be expected to come in style. So I did some research online and in my closet and found all the things I would need for making a 1920s look. Here’s what it turned out to be:

Full outfit

Fashion at the time meant bare arms & legs, a low waistline and a flowy skirt with beaded jewelry to match. Well, I think I got that down. The dress I have owned for years. I purchased it as a prom dress back when I was still a full time student. Little did I know that it was a 1920s inspired cut! The only things that are missing from my outfit in this picture are my faux fur shawl which I got from H&M for less than 5 euros (it is featured in another picture in this post though) and my Aldo clutch which I’ve had for years. Other items:

– Dress by ZARA (5- 6 years ago)

– Shoes by Bronx (again 4 -5 years ago)

– Necklace by Sixx (on sale about a year ago)

The main effort of this look however, isn’t in the clothes but in the hair and make up. The 1920s meant the first era where women were allowed to show themselves. Hence the bare arms and legs, which before were a complete no-go, were now shown and also hair and make up were a major part of a ladies’ persona for the first time ever. The bop was the favored hair style and the make up was exemplified by an thin, arched brow, dark eye looks, pale skin and small cartoon-esque drawn on mouths. Since I wanted to go as authentic as possible, I did some research on youtube, found a hair and make up tutorial which seemed doable, gave them my own twist and came up with this:

Full face look

I faux bobbed my hair and did my make up including the weird little drawn on mouth. The lipstick didn’t stay put though. One beer and it was a mess, but hey, it looked cool didn’t it? I did a trial look on Friday, without the fake lashes, just to see if my ideas would work out. This is what that looked like:

Trial hair and make up

Here I am wearing my faux fur and I think my hair worked out better too, but at the time I had been wearing it an entire day and didn’t use any hair spray so it was super frizzy! Let’s have a look at some close ups and I will tell you how I created this look.

Faux bob (blurry because I was in a hurry to get out the door)

I turned my hair into a bob using this tutorial. I just didn’t do a finger wave. Instead I used curlers (papilloten in Dutch) which I put into my wet hair to create a poodle like effect. I then sectioned my hair and did what the lady does in the video: make a pony tail with half your hair, tuck it under and pin it and pin the rest of the hair. And there you go: I went from fairly long hair to a bob in a matter of 15 – 20 minutes. It’s really easy to do and I quite like it, so perhaps I will do this some time this summer to keep my hair out of my face and neck when it’s very hot.

Eye make up. Excuse the blurriness. I took this one at midnight after coming home from the party as none of the pictures I took that afternoon had come out.

I know about the eyelash. I stuck it back on after taking this pic and it lasted all night, as you can see in the picture above.

I used the following tutorial for this make up look: click here. I did exactly what she did, but I didn’t have some of the products so I changed it up a bit. For a full list of the products I used, please see below.

The make up I used

Products used:


– MAC chromographic pencil in NC15/ NW 20 (to neutralize parts of brows)

– Benefit Instand Brow pencil in Medium to Dark (to draw on brows)


– MAC Painterly Paintpot as a eyeshadow base

– The Bodyshop matte white eyeshadow as highlight under brown bone

– Urban Decay 24/7 liner in Zero (underneath eye and smudged along top lash line)

– NYX Jumbo Pencil in Slate (base color for eyeshadow, all over lid)

– MAC Sketch eyeshadow (all over lid and to darken the crease) (Row 2, eyeshadow 3)

– MAC Blackberry eyeshadow (to blend the crease up and out into the matte white shadow) (Row 2, eyeshadow 2)

– Fake lashes: MAX (from a store called Action, these retail for 80 cents per 3 pairs)


– MAC studio sculpt concealer in NW 15

– MAC mineralized skinfinish natural in Medicum

– Sephora blush in Rose Rebelle


– MAC Lip erase in Dim

– LA Girl lipliner in current

– NYX lipstick in Black Cherry


– Diamond Cosmetics Cherry Tobacco:

Late night in my kitchen after a few drinks and some dancing. The hair had to be repinned a few times, but stayed put quite nicely. As you can see the lipstick got very smudged and looked horrible afterwards, but I am quite please with the rest of this look. Even though the lashes were difficult to get on at first, they worked quite nicely in the end.

I personally loved going all out with a look for a change. I don’t get to do this often. I got quite a few stares from people while on my way to the party, but I didn’t mind. I think that all in all, as a complete hair n00b and with zero knowledge on 20s make up I did quite good. All I know is that I loved doing this. What about you? Have you ever make any period looks? Which one? Or which one would you like to try out? Let me know in a comment below! Thank you for your time.

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