NOTW: Flaked raspberries

I really wanted to give a few more topcoats a try and two of the topcoats I bought over the past months were flaky topcoats. I had never tried flakies before, but had seen the effects of adding flakies to nail looks on several websites. With the Catrice Milliona Styles collection there was one flaky top coat that was part of the collection which was called Shake it Flake it. At the same time Essence released some new top coats as well and one, called Night in Vegas, also is a flaky which very much looks like the Catrice one. Since I had both I decided to try them on at the same time to see the difference.

Instead of putting the flakies over a black base color, I’ve decided to go with this bright raspberry color. Much more apt for spring/ summer than black and it still shows the effect.

Products used:

– Etos nail harderer in extra strong as base coat

– OPI That’s Berry Daring as the base color

– Essence Night in Vegas Special Effects top coat on pinky and ring finger

– Catrice Shake it Flake it on my other 3 fingers

– INM out the door fast drying top coat

I spent ages trying to capture the full effect of the flakies. At first glance the coat gives off a orange/ golden sheen, but in different lights and at different angles, it becomes more green/ yellowish. Here are the ones that came out best:

A hint of green on the middle finger…

Look at the effect on the ring finger! Wow!

As you can hopefully tell on these pictures, the pinky and ringfinger give off a much stronger effect. I applied two coats of flakies from both Essence and Catrice, but as you can see the Essence one is much more opaque. The Catrice one is a bit more sparse, but only slightly, but I do like the shape of the flakies better in that one. All I know is that I haven’t been able to stop looking at my nails all day.

Have you ever tried any flakies before?

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    • I don’t know where you’re from, but there are several brands who carry these types of polishes. Golden Rose and Nhu-Fo also have flaky nail polishes that aren’t limited edition. Perhaps you could try getting those?

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