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Ah perfume. The beauty product with which I have a love/ hate relationship. I love perfume. I love the smells, the design of the bottles and the way how it can really complete your outfit. What I dislike is the fact that it can give allergic reactions. When I spray on too much or sit next to someone dosed in what smells like a complete bottle of cologne/ perfume, I get a headache, feel nauseous and in the worst case experience trouble breathing. So yes, I do like to smell good, but unfortunately I can’t keep it up all day as my body simply doesn’t like it. Despite that I do have quite a few perfumes and I will show them to you below, including a description of what I like about them.

First of all, I tend to buy the smallest size bottle. For one, I cannot be bothered with super large bottles and two, since I can only use a little at the time, even the smallest bottles last me a life time. I have organized the pictures with 3 perfumes per picture. I have high end perfumes, but also some less expensive ones. I will list them in no particular order and will try to write about the fragrance notes wherever possible.

Essence Like a walk in NY, The Body Shop White Musk Libertine, H&M White Ginger

Let’s start with the 3 cheapest perfumes I have. I paid less than 10 euros for each of these, so these are definitely budget proof.The Essence perfume is one of my latest additions. It’s a very fresh perfume which is easy to wear. It’s great for summer as it is lightweight yet has some warm undertones too.

I have just recently started to discover TBS fragrances. I loved the smell of the White Musk Libertine shower gel, so when I found a set with another shower gel and the perfume for only 10 euros I had to have it. This scent is definitely warmer because of the musk base.

The H&M perfume I got on a whim. I love slightly spicy scents and this perfume smells a bit like candied ginger. It is sweet but with that tanginess of ginger. Normally I’m not a fan of H&M scents as they are all sickly sweet to me, but the ginger in this makes it an easy perfume to wear.

Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau de Toilette, Dior J’Adore, Lush Gorilla perfume in Ginger

These three perfumes are three of my favorites to wear. Daisy by Marc Jacobs had been on my wishlist for ages before I finally bought it on Dublin Airport last year. So far it has been my only scent that breathes spring/ summer. It has a musky base, but also some jasmin, making it smell like a fresh bouquet of flowers without it being overpowering.

Dior J’Adore is by far my favorite perfume. Again, I had this on my wish list for nearly 2 years before I bought it and I haven’t regretted it yet. Musk, cedar, vanilla and berries make up the base of the smell, with some flowery and fruity smells mixed in. That is why this is my favorite: the woodsy base with enough sweetness to give an ultra feminine smell that suits every occasion.

Last on the picture is Ginger by Lush. Despite the name Ginger has quite a bit of Jasmin in it. That is a very particular scent and one which you have to like. The ginger gives the fragrance a bit of nuance though so the Jasmin isn’t too overpowering.

Burberry Brit Woman, Diesel Fuel for Life, DKNY Pure

My go-to every day perfumes. These 3 perfumes are great day time perfumes. They are fresh and light but all three have a warm and woody undertone. Can you tell by now that I like that?

Burberry Brit has a heart made off amber, vanilla, mahogany and tonka beans. The other scents are more fruity and sweet, but that doesn’t last very long. This is really a perfume that you need to give time to develop on your skin to really smell it properly.

Again a musk based perfume. Fuel for Life also features some flowery (Jasmin, surprise surprise) and fruity tones. This is the perfume I pick up whenever I don’t know what to wear.

And lastly, DKNY Pure features amber, vanilla, sandalwood in the base and floral fresh top notes. I like this perfume especially in spring since it’s so fresh and airy at the start.

Givenchy Play for her, Jean Paul Gaultier Madame, Hugo Boss Deep Red

Apart from day time scents I also have my night time scents. These tend to be a bit heftier on the nose.

Givenchy Play for Her, to me, is one of the most sultry scents I own. It is not an easy scent but it stays on amazingly long. It will be no surprise that this perfume involves musk and sandalwood. It also has a bit of a spunk to it as one part of the scent involved pepper which gives the scent a bit more ege.

Madame is the only JPG fragrance I enjoy. I have sniffed otherwise, but I find those too sweet. This one is again woodsy, but also features some rose notes that makes this perfume decidedly different from anything else I have.

My very first perfume: Hugo Boss Deep Red. Also not the easiest of perfumes and I really only wear this anymore when I’m going for a night out. It stays on extremely long. I had it last nearly 16 hours on several occasions. It is fruity and woodsy through amber, sandalwood, cedar wood, blood orange, pear and blackberries.

Chopard Wish, Miss Dior Cherie, Cloé signature perfume

Last but not least, my girly and powdery fragrances. I love wearing these perfumes whenever I’m wearing ditsy dresses, flowy skirts and high heels.

I bought Wish by Chopard this winter and haven’t had much chance to wear it yet. All I know is that I love it. It has wood notes, as well as patchouli, honey, milk and coconut. It starts of smelling quite sweet, but becomes more creamy and powdery as it develops.

Another perfume that had been on my wishlist for years is Miss Dior Chérie. This perfume to me, is probably the girliest I own. This perfume also has patchouli, vetiver, and Jasmin.

Last but not least is quite possibly my most expensive perfume. Cloé signature perfume doesn’t come cheap, but it smells oh so good. I can’t use too much of it though, because it can give me a headache at times. This is by far my most flowery perfume and I keep it for special occasions.

One perfume still on my wishlist is Love, Cloé by Cloé. I have smelled this so many times in the store and I’m thinking it will soon be time for me to buy it for real. It has a bit of a powdery girly smell. I tend to like that as it makes me feel pretty and feminine. Through writing this article I know that musk, amber, cedar and Jasmin are some of my favorite scents. All of the perfumes shown above seem to have that theme in common, but that had never occurred to me before. So I even learnt something while researching this!

What is your favorite perfume? And which perfume is on your wishlist?

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  1. My mum gave me J’Adore by Dior as a present for Christmas. Together with Ed Hardy’s Hearts and Daggers it’s my favorite perfume.

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