New York Day 1 & 2: Dinner & Dance class

And then it was time for the final part of the journey: New York City, center of the universe. I left Boston around 8 AM. I decided to take a train this time as it was only 4 hours and I figured that the time it would take to get to the airport, be in the air and travel back into the city would take about as much time. The train station was only a 5 minute walk from my hotel in Boston and 15 minutes in New York, so I thought it would be much more convenient to take a train rather than a plane.

Boston Back Bay train station

I arrived just after noon, went to my hotel only to find out my room wasn’t ready yet. But hey, I’m in NYC so I don’t mind getting out on the town straight away! I went back to my room, freshened up and went to New Jersey to meet with a friend who I hadn’t seen since 2008. We had dinner at a Thai place with my friend’s mom and some more of her friends. It was good seeing her again after all these years and finding out that she is expecting a little one!

New York Skyline from the train

The next day I woke up at 8 AM and immediately set out the door. The plan was to sign up for some dance classes at Broadway Dance Center. They open at 8.30 AM and classes fill up quickly so when you’re there on time, you have the biggest chance of getting in. I signed up for 3 classes back-to-back: flexibility, contemporary jazz and street jazz. The flexibility class was new, but a great start to my dance day. The contemporary jazz class involved a lot of stretching too and little dancing (which was more contemporary than jazz) and the street jazz class was one big routine (and more hiphop than jazz as well).
It wasn’t super difficult, but definitely a challenge at times as things are done differently and levels are definitely a bit higher over here than in Holland.

Broadway Dance Center

To get to Broadway Dance Center I had to go to Times Square first and walk a few blocks from there. Once I got out of dance class I saw it rained and the weather turned for the worse. By the time I had had something to eat and gotten back on the subway it was pouring outside. So I just went back to my hotel, showered and chilled. The plan for tomorrow is to check out Soho, Greenwich Village, and walk the high line. Then in the evening I have a baseball game to attend as I will go see the Yankees play the Red Sox at Yankee Stadium.

Times Square at 8 AM on Saturday morning

And then I only have 2 more days left and my vacation will be over. 🙁 But it’s not that time yet.

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