Some of my favorite make up tutorials

One type of video I watch the most on youtube (right along fashion videos) are make up tutorials. I have shared my favorite gurus with you before, on several occasions, but I have never shared my favorite make up tutorials. These are just some of my favorites that were floating around my youtube favorites list. There’s a bit of everything here: eyeshadow, lips (x2!), nails and a banging period look. Some are fairly new videos, some have been around for a while, but I love watching and rewatching these videos.

Lisa Edridge’s 5 ways to wear lipstick:

Love these tips on how to wear a very dark berry color. Great tips for this season’s it color: burgundy.

Pixiwoo’s Kristen Stewart Cranberry eye look:

I still want to redo this look someday. I absolutely love Cranberry by MAC.

Cutepolish’ braided nails design:

This is so cool! I would have gone with a different color combination, but this is something I would like to try some time soon.

MissChievouz’s ombre lip tutorial:

I love how she makes these ombre lips and that she shows different color combos to show you have it could work. Not something I would wear per se, but definitely fun to try.

AndreasChoice’s Rockabilly- Doll make up:

If I ever have a 1950s inspired party I’ll do my make up like this.

Share your favorite make up tutorials in the comments below!

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