Fall/ Winter lookbook (#2): Lace & pleather

What a difference a day, or in this case, a week, makes. Featuring my new Primark dress and a bow in my hair, this outfit couldn’t be a bigger contrast. Where last week’s outfit was all about baggy sweaters and tight skinnies. Today’s outfit is about girly dresses and a pop of color. I hereby introduce you to: my second look book outfit.

What I’m wearing:

  • Black & white lace dress with pleather collar (Primark)
  • Black leather belt (from my mom)
  • Burgundy cardigan (ZARA)
  • Black stiletto heel (Van Haren)
  • Black opaque tights (HEMA)
  • Burgundy bow hair clip (American Apparel)

Black stiletto heel (Van Haren)

To keep the outfit simple, I went with black tights (the ones from HEMA are the best in my opinion) and paired it with a black high heel. This way your legs will not only look taller, but I also thought it would nicely balance out the outfit and really make the dress the center piece of the outfit.

Detail on dress

Black leather belt (from my mom)

My mom gave me this belt ages ago and it’s my go to black belt. I like the fact that it has silver hardware on it. I added the belt to give me more of a waistline and to gather some of the dress under it as it is a bit too slouchy around the my waist.

Burgundy bow hair clip (American Apparel)

To tie in with the burgundy sweater and add a touch of girlieness, I added this silky finish bow hair clip to my hair.

Full outfit

I added the sweater for a pop of color. Else the outfit would be so black and bland looking.

That’s it. I hope you liked it! Let me know in a comment below what you’re wearing this fall.

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