Fall/ Winter lookbook (#9): Black butterflies

After all that color of last week’s outfit, this week’s outfit is definitely more muted and fairly different from what I’ve shown so far. It’s a shorts and tights combo and I know that this look is not everyone’s cup of tea, but I personally love it. It’s comfortable and easy to dress up or down. I decided to keep the entire look pretty black and monotone to really allow the butterfly print on the sheer shirt to pop and not be drowned out. The shorts I’m wearing here have a woolen feel to them, making them both nice and warm, but they also give a bit more texture to the outfit.

What I’m wearing:

– Black sheer blouse with butterfly print (Primark)

– Black woolen shorts (H&M)

– Black opaque tights (HEMA)

– Black t-shirt underneath blouse (H&M)

– Short necklace & bracelet (H&M)

I don’t necessarily look the skinniest or the tallest in this outfit, but I still love it. It’s comfortable and easy to wear to work or wherever. Because there is so much black going on I don’t look super short, but flat shoes definitely make me look shorter than heels. I could easily have paired this with my black heels, but then again I don’t wear heels that often as to show you each and every outfit with heels. I’m just trying to change things up a bit, but I do think that heels would definitely do me and the outfit a lot more justice.

Accessories, close up & shoes

As always, I kept the accessories simple. I don’t want my accessories to take anything away from the outfit. There are plenty of days where all I’m wearing is my earrings and that’s it. Especially when the weather gets cooler, the only thing I tend to wear are scarves anyway.

So what do you think? Do you wear shorts & tights? Or is that a look you steer away from?

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