Favorite blushes for fall/ winter

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Fall isn’t over yet, so this post is still very much appropriate. I already posted my 5 favorite blushes for spring earlier this year. Now it’s time to talk about my favorite blush for this season. Expect warm tone blushes with hints of brown and plum. It features some high end and some drugstore brands, mattes and shimmers. In other words: a little bit for everyone. I picked these blushes as they’re the ones I’ve been reaching for mostly these past 2 months or so.

My 5 favorite blushes for fall/ winter

This is just the packaging, but close ups of the products can be found below, as well as swatches.

Sleek Blush by 3 in Sugar: Turbinado, Muscovado, Demerra

I know I’m cheating a little bit here, as these are three blushes, and not one. Since they’re packaged together, I think it is justified though. The brick color on the left can be a bit too much on my fair skin, but with a light hand and a not so dense brush it gives me a nicely flushed look. My favorite colors here are the other two though. Even though you may not see this in the packaging, the middle color has a bit of a plum undertone to it and the shimmer is gorgeous. A matte peachy brown color is simply always good to have to create a more neutral face look.

Benefit Dandelion face powder/ blush

Another make up staple is a matte dusty rose blush. I bought this particular blush on Ebay some years ago, so I’m not sure if it’s the real thing, but it works as well as any other Benefit powder I’ve tried. It looks neutral on, blends well and adds just the right amount of color when you have paler than pale skin like me. It simply makes you look a tad healthier.

MAC blush in Margin (frost finish)

Not exactly a household MAC favorite. At least, I have never heard anyone else talk about this blush. I love it though. I bought this after an MUA used it on me and I haven’t looked back. As you can see I’ve used it quite a bit. It is a very warm toned blush with a hint of shimmer to it. It looks very natural an and works for me year round, but I love using it especially now.

NARS Sex Appeal blush

Another matte blush and a very light one at that. As far as I know this was a limited edition, so you may not be able to find it anymore, but it’s again perfect to create a natural look with just a bit of color on your cheeks. I have had this blush for years and never really used it. But, when I needed a light colored, matte blush to create my vintage 1940s look, I picked it up again and fell in love. Been wearing it non stop.

E.L.F. blush in Mellow Mauve

Last but not least, my favorite blush for this season is this mauve colored blush. It has a hint of shimmer to it, but nothing too serious. It looks a bit plummy in the pan, but when you swatch it you can see some peachy undertones. Nice, warm colored blush. I love wearing this in fall as it warms up your look instantly.


I made the swatches in a slightly different order. So here it goes, from left to right:

MAC Margin, Benefit Dandelion, Sleek Blush by 3: Demerra, Muscovado & Turbinado, NARS Sex Appeal, ELF Mellow Mauve

Which one is your favorite blush for this season?

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  1. Roos Avatar

    Prachtige blushes, zelf gebruik ik eigenlijk vrij weinig blush totdat ik er eentje in de goodiebox van misslipgloss kreeg. Nu is dat mijn favo, een mooie perzik achtige kleur. Ik vind jou sleek pallette het mooist 🙂

    1. indiequeen84 Avatar

      Blush is geweldig. Samen met oogschaduw is het mijn favoriete product.

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